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Thread: Schmidt & Bender 4-16x50

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    Schmidt & Bender 4-16x50

    Selling my Schmidt & Bender 4-16x50 Varminter scope. Has side parralax adjustment.BDC turrets. Clicks are 5mm or 0.05 mil. Reticle is mil dot with ranging bars, first focal reticle but quite fine even on 16 mag. It looks like the AI mil dot reticle. 30 mm tube. Have had this on a 243 and more recently my 223.
    Glass is perfect. Ring marks on underside of tube which I have tried to show in photo. This is marking not crimping. Dialling is 100% good
    Before I get any window shoppers. I do not have the original box but I will package it well and insure it. It is 6 to 7 years old. The current model with this spec is a Precision Hunter and currently sells around 1950 @ Sportsmans
    I am looking for 800. Anyone local enough is welcome to inspect before they buy

    I am only seeling because it is now a spare scope as I sold my 300 recently and have put that scope onto my 223

    I will also advertise this elsewhere. Thanks for looking
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    You might need to edit mate I think it should read 5mm NOT 5cm as that's 2" give or take


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    Hi Paul
    Thanks you are right I have corrected

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