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Thread: The shooting shop, Poole

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    The shooting shop, Poole

    The phone numbers I have for this shop do not work. Does anyone know if it is still trading?

    Shooting Shop Unit 9 Holes Bay Park Sterte Avenue West Poole Dorset BH15 2AA

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    I went there the other day and it is all gone !! even the fishing tackle side of it is no longer there.
    No signs on the unit door either to say moved to other premises or anything and when I asked around there, nobody had any idea what has happened to him.
    I bought my Peli from him, at the rrp price I might add so popped round to see what else I didn't realise I needed until I see it on the shelf !!

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    went under about 6 months ago

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    Hi, I took my son to The Shooting Shop this morning. They are a new company (they said the old one was a casualty of the recession). Bought him an air rifle. They had 50+ guns on the rack and seemed nice friendly. Had accessories from watches to scopes in stock. They are the only gun shop in Poole, it is nice to have a gun shop back in town. Very knowledgable guys would definitely recommend. Based on Ashley Road in Poole called The Shooting Shop

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