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Thread: This Mornings Buck.

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    This Mornings Buck.

    Hiya, Decided last night to have a wee walk round one of the farms this morning..and arrived at about 6.30am...only to find a fairly heavy mist on the higher reaches of the, undeterred, I carried on..walked round the farm on the track, right to the Forrestry land, and saw nothing at all...not even a crow in the air..
    Had a wee seat for a few mins, and headed back, feeling a wee bit cheesed off...half way round the mist just lifted, it was a case of, now you see it, now you don't, and there to my right about 300 yds away, was a lovely little Buck...further back there were a couple other Roe, but too far for me to crawl.....I had to crawl through the peat bogs to get within about 150 yds of it, waited till it turned side on, which seemed like an age,. and took a shot. I actually saw the bullet hit, that's the first time I've seen that.... It dropped down dead on the spot...
    So, got it, dragged it back to the track, and gutted it. I decided to err on the side of caution this time, (unlike last time when I dragged a carcase about 1.1/2miles back to the car) it was still a mile or so back to the farm,. and left it lying, and walked to the farm, and borrowed a tractor to collect's now in the farmers chiller room, and will be butchered tomorrow...The farmer is having half of it, as, IMHO, it's nice to be nice...

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    It may be just the photo but that buck looks really thin to me ?

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    Hiya, nope, just the way I laid it out for the pic, it's skinned now, and plenty meat on it..just a normal buck..... in the other pic I took, it looks like it has no legs...LOL.. Took them on my phone..l really need a decent wee camera...

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    always good to keep the farmer happy...

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    Went back to the same farm this morning...this time I got a Fox cub, about 1/2 grown, it was wandering down through the fields from the general direction of the earth, down towards the chicken sheds...let it get to about 100yds, and popped it...nice wee dog Fox.. Pics when I get them off my mate.....what a weekend's shooting far.......BTW, saw another better Buck, but left it till yesterdays one is almost eaten....

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