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Thread: Hatsan Escort 2+1 Magnum Synthetic

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    Hatsan Escort 2+1 Magnum Synthetic

    As the title goes, picked this up for pigeon bashing but I have been given a peg for this coming season and as semi's can't be used will be picking up an O/U of a friend and the cabinet will be getting a little full so letting this go.

    Its the Magnum version so 3" chamber, cycles very well and is cleaned every month, shoots beautifully with Clear Pigeon 32gr no.6, also includes the full kit of chokes and the allen key.

    This is in a good condition and is wiped down after each outing. It has a short pull so for those with little arms (like me) its ideal or for the ladies/ teenagers out there and as there is very little kick on these a great starter gun.

    Price is £240 + RFD costs if you want it shipping, viewing and trying is welcome (have clays) and pictures will be up this weekend.

    Will come with a slip, rough idea on shots through about 300 (100 off me and 200 of previous owner who I know).

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    Photos and price drop to £200 + RFD

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1252.JPG 
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    any idea roughly how much the rfd charges would be? never had to buy a gun this way so no idea myself

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    I'll ring and check with my local rfd and let you know

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandyseries2 View Post
    any idea roughly how much the rfd charges would be? never had to buy a gun this way so no idea myself
    Spoken to my shop and they charge to send with paperwork £25 and then you would need to check with your rfd as to what they charge to receive and process.

    Ill be paying the rfd at my end so its only your end you would need to cover.

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    i would of shaped ya hand off but just brought the same but in camo just 2 weeks ago,like the seller says they shoot nice very little recoil,cycles fine i have even cycled 24grams fine through mine with out a prob,and at £200 its a bargin,(still kicking my self)good luck with the sale...........

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    P.M. sent

    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    Monday morning bump

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    Sold pending the usual

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