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    Smile Successful morning

    Got up this morning just before 4am. Quick coffee and on my way. Meeting up with Simon on his ground near Stratford. So for a change a nice short drive and there he was waiting for me. Quick chat on the lay of the ground, sorted out the gear to reduce noise on arrival at the ground a short drive away. So once on the ground we headed out through the wood in the near dark making our way to the first high seat. No animals spotted only the noise of the local owl population noting our arrival. After only a short walk through light cover we arrived at a nicely build double seat set on the edge of a small clearing. The day was starting and a few rabbits came out around us along with the crows heading out for the day. As day light broke my eagerness for something to turn up began to grow, I never thought I would enjoy being in seats but to be honest if incorporated into a walk I do enjoy some very peaceful time sitting and watching while still having that excited anticipation of a deer showing at any moment. Anyway after about an hour nothing seemed to be stiring and the light was good so we decided to carry on through the wood along a small ride toward the next seat which was situated on the edge of the wood overlooking a rough grass field bounded on two sides by the wood. As we left the cover of the wood we both glassed the field before coming into the open and could see nothing. As I began the few yards to the seat Simon gave a PSSST. I looked round to see a large roe doe at the far side. Not wanting to bump her I crouched down and waited to see if there were any bucks in tow. Nothing showed and eventually she bounced off with a single fawn behind. Into the seat we went and with a good time passing nothing else had shown until I spotted another deer in the same place as the first, with the quick glace I got I had thought it a doe, a young one by her small size from end of last year. This should bring a buck my way. More waiting and nothing happening apart from the light getting bright and the mist lifting above the grass. It was a lovely morning regardless of no bucks. Simon however was keen to get some animals in the sights so we left the seat for a stalk along the rides now the light was good and animals may be making there way out to the wood edge. We hadn't gone all that far stopping frequently to glass through the trees when Simon indicated something behind me. On turning was a nice roe doe standing up tall and watching us, as she moved of into the trees followed her 2 young fawns. A great sight and only 30-40 yards away. We stood for a while glassing to see if any bucks were in pursuit, nothing had shown when Simon said he could see a deer back in the wood. He must have sharp vision as it was only just visible to me on him directing my gaze. It was a munty stood behind a tree. With only its head and neck showing and branches in between us there was little chance of getting a shot off. I stood, rifle on sticks waiting for her to move forwards one or two steps would do, where I would have a chance of a clean shot. After some time and a fair bit of barking from her she hadn't moved. She definitely new we were there but didn't think we could see her. I had considered taking a shot on a couple of occasions but thought better of it. She was at about 50 yds and after being up on the sticks for so long I was getting a little shaky. Then a quick glance through the scope showed she had leaned forward and opened up a neck shot, I took it and a second later Simon confirmed she was down. I was very pleased as this to me was a difficult shot of sticks, and had made the practice well worth while. A nice size doe, no milk and not pregnant so I was happy.
    Simon collected the vehicle and I grallocked her from his fancy suspended frame, felt a bit alien to me as I have always done this on the floor so felt a bit cack handed. Still she came out clean and another one in the bag.
    Thanks for a great morning Simon, lovely ground and so nice to be near home for a change. I look forward to getting out with you again if you'll have me.
    Happy hunting all the rest of you. I look forward to another outing on Wednesday see if I can bag some fallow.

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    nice one buddy keep chalking them up
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Well done John. Good luck for Wednesday.

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    Cheers guys. There is life out there after all. Have either you guys been out on the roe?

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    not for a while mate, went for a mooch about with a chap off of here but didnt squeeze the trigger!
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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