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Thread: 8 mill lebel bullets

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    8 mill lebel bullets

    hi everybody ive come across some 8mill lebel nickel jacketed bullets would they be ok to be reloaded and put through my 8x68s ive been told they could damage the rifleing they weigh about 198 grains would be usefull for practice if there ok thanks

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    I know chaps on other forums with 8mm Lebel rifles who'd be most upset if you did !

    NOT checked but there may be a slight difference in bore dia...

    May be an easier option to sell/trade them for something that you KNOW will be ok in your rifle

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    Cupro Nickel would not be the best choice for your barrel. At higher velocities it leaves hard lumpy deposits in the bore which can be a right swine to remove. I doubt very much you would like removing this fouling. The Lebel is quite a mild cartridge so probably does not suffer as your 8x68S will likely do.

    This fouling problem is why Gilding material was developed in the first place. The cupro nickel fouling first really became a problem for the Americans with the adoption of the 30-06 with it's higher velocity of 2700 fps. The older 30-03 and 30-40 did not suffer so due to the lower velocities given by both.

    However it's your rifle so it's entirely up to you.

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    thanks for that mate wont be useing them

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