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Thread: Roe Buck Heads

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    Roe Buck Heads

    Quite simple really chaps. What is the most points that you have witnessed or heard of on a roebucks head?

    A friend of mine has recently shot a ten pointer, which I have never heard the like of before, but maybe thats because we don't have a huge amount of Roe in Essex?

    Love to hear your thoughts/experiences.


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    I have a couple of 'ten pointers' but the points come out of the side of the main beam after just leaving the coronets.
    Even then it is debatable as to whether they can be classed as points under the 'can a wedding ring hang from them' system as used to define a point.
    I have posted them on here under a post about antlers in the general forum.
    I have several with seven eight and nine, all due to either damage whilst in velvet or hormonal imbalance due to some other injury in it's early growth stages.

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    Thanks for that EMcC. I will get some photos and post them for your opinion. I suspect a hormone imbalance myself.



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    The most I have seen is 9 but when I skinned it there were shotgun pellets under the skin next to the skull, the extra points were all at a particular angle where they'd caught the pattern whilst in velvet.

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    I have one with 9 definate points.

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    10 points 550g this spring,

    IMG_0926 by mj robson, on Flickr

    This is the most I have had myself but a friend has had a 13 point buck.

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    [IMG][/IMG]Here,s a couple of pic's of my 12 pointer, six on each side that made gold.[IMG][/IMG]


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    A symetrical 8 pointer which I shot in Cumbria in 1963.

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    Opposite side.
    It was measured by the late G.Kenneth Whitehead at 104.35 CIC points.
    He said it would have made a good Bronze if I had not been so savage with the saw.
    I never cut a potential medal class head ever again, always allowing for the statutory 90 grammes to be deducted as per the formula.

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    I didn't realise the one in my avator is a nine pointer !!

    And here's a bog standard six pointer !!!!

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