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Thread: Roof Mounted Lamp

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    Roof Mounted Lamp

    Has anyone got any good or bad reviews about them? What makes to go for, what to avoid?

    Thanks in advance

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    I use a 170 that I used to have mounted (hole drilled in the roof) of my vitara worked well. If you are lamping singlehanded then have a gun mount too as it is difficult to keep quarry in beam and hold rifle simultaneously. I now have the same lamp mounted on a wooden board that fits into the sun roof of my 4runner, ok until it rains then I get wet.
    Never tried the remote ones but have been told they are not as precise as the hand operated lightforce but cant confirm as never compared.

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    the first roto lights were crap not sure about the new ones.light force are good.

    i use a old army remote light all metel very fast, gearing is very strong and cost me 20 you can pick them up for most of the landrover sortouts.

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    i have had a light force on my disco and now have a hella on my hilux, of the two i would opt for the hella every time, it is also alot neater job ,but one slight criticism is that the beam isnt quete as good as the lightforce,hope this helps,arron.

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