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Thread: Last week was a good one!

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    Red face Last week was a good one!

    Hi everybody!
    After having 3 clients to take out 2 weeks ago, who all missed (2 on a roe buck and 1 on a boar), I was some kind of disappointed and "nervous", because there would be 3 more guests, this time friends of mine to show up last week.
    I invited them to help me building some new highseats, and also to defend the wheat fields from further damage of the nasty boars around...
    After a late arrival on last Sunday I was in a kind of hurry to take them out to their stands and highseats, but we were able to settle in at about 20:00....
    At 20:30 a small roe buck showed up at my seat right in front of a heavy damaged wheat field, but I left him, to be taken by one of my friends during the next days (which for sure didnt work out, so I will be there tonight..). He was a kind of nervous and shy, and after a while I heard the boars coming through the forest and brushes. No wonder, he was afraid!
    At 21:00 there they were: I wasnt able to count them all, all sizes, all sexes, I believe it was the large group (42) I had seen the week before when crossing a road, so easy to count!
    They started feeding the wheat immediately, but I had to make sure, which one to take, because we have so many really small piglets this summer (strong frost in February and a lot of natural food in the woods from last fall) and I wasnt able to see them all in the partly still high wheat... At 21:15 I was able to determine and seperate a "Überläuferkeiler" (1 year old male boar), which stood seperate and was feeding the wheat while rising his head up of it. I took the shot on the high shoulder and it dropped in its tracks!
    Afterwards you could see the whole wheat field in motion: boars running and cruising through all over the place, while the big, leading mama was standing in the forest and making sounds, which made sure: Se wasnt happy about what just happened...
    I took a closer look on the dead boar, nice size (47 kg when cleaned), good conditions, perfect for BBQ:
    Attachment 18156

    While walking back to car, I heard a shot from one of my friends, setting on the other edge of the forest: A quick call and "perfect!" - He was able to take a shot on his first boar, a female yearling, which brought us finally 52 kg finest venison!!
    But before, my young bloodhound "Alba" was able to do her first search on a real bloodtrail / wound track.... She did a perfect job, pointed the bullet impact, showed the blood drops and guided us to the dead boar. When getting there, she started biting it immediately, so no shy at all! Guess, who was the happy camper this time?!!

    After taking it to the cooler and a fast, late dinner plus some beers, we were out at 5:00 again....

    I took one of my friends for a stalk through the farming ground we also have to manage (right where one guest missed on a buck the week before). We spotted a nice buck, got into position, but because of the changing wind conditions the buck was a bit faster and smarter!
    One other friend saw a buck too, but wasnt able to take the shot and one friend didnt see anything....

    After a nice breakfast we started building some highseats, which worked out really good:
    Attachment 18157

    In the afternoon I took out all 4 for of us again, I went into the "mufflon area" to check for some movement for my friend Wayne, showing up in late September (I am a bit under pressure, I believe), I settled down on a fresh planted food plot, next to a small meadow, with 2 old beeches next to it, hoping for some sheep to show up....
    After a short while 2 boars and 14 (!) piglets showed up and started looking for some seeds from the beeches. It was hard windy and started to rain, nasty weather so the boars were not steady and there and gone several times... I decided not to shoot (very small piglets, right in the centre of the forest), as long as they dont start to dig in the fresh planted food plot....

    They finally left without causing any damage on the food plot, but after 15 minutes I spotted a movement at the end of it: Another boar, easy to see a male, showed up and started digging in the food plot at once... Big mistake:
    Attachment 18158 Another "Überläuferkeiler", 55 kg, cleaned...!

    The others had seen nothing, because of the bad weather, but we had a nice dinner with fresh cooked leaver... plus red wine ... plus beer!

    The next morning one of the friends shot a good cull buck, and all of us had seen something. Another friend was really after some racoon, saw about 7 of them, but wasnt able to take one ....

    All of us were happy, I got 3 highseats and 1 open stand (ladder) ready to be taken out, we got the cooler filled with venison and had a perfect time!

    Hopefully we will continue this story.....
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    Hi Michael
    Nice one mate, I hope those high seats are nice and comfortable I may need a sleep after Austria

    Glad to see alba had moved on to chewing boar instead of chairs

    Speak soon mate


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    Glad to see alba had moved on to chewing boar instead of chairs


    Wait till you see this young lady (watch my gallery for some new pics)....
    And be sure: No sleep on the highseat after your trip to Austria!
    We will get you done till you go back home....

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    Waidmannsheil Michael, congratulations on a good week,
    Make sure Wayne has to work hard for his Chamois, he wouldn't want it too easy

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    Nice write up. Youre high seats are looking almost too good with all that newly machined and impregnated wood. We use wood cut straight for the surrounding woodland. High seats are a bit small though. Plenty of wild boar about so i read, having 42 wild boar in a wheat field will be causing drama. Luckily i do not have the same damage yet in my wheat fields.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonty h View Post
    Waidmannsheil Michael, congratulations on a good week,
    Make sure Wayne has to work hard for his Chamois, he wouldn't want it too easy

    Hi Jonty!
    Hello everybody!

    Be sure, to get him a mufflon wont be this easy, right now we are having a hard time spotting them at all.
    I am so happy, that his hunting friends from Austria will get him totally exhausted before he gets to my place, so I will just have to finish him up...

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