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Thread: Driven Wild Boar Opportunity in Niedersachsen, Germany

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    Driven Wild Boar Opportunity in Niedersachsen, Germany

    I am pleased to present to you the opportunity to hunt Wild Boar, and Roe and Red deer in the forests of Niedersachsen, Northern Germany. On 26-27 October this year, up to 40 hunters will take their stands in a driven hunt in the traditional German way.


    • Arrive at Hannover Airport on 25 October.
    • Be collected from the airport and then taken to a Schieβkino (cinema range) where you can check zero and practise on running game in a realistic but controlled environment.
    • After the cine-range, everyone will be transported to the accommodation, after which a brief will be given on the following days hunting; what recognition features to look for in the game, the hunt rules and it will also give you your first taste of German traditions that you can expect throughout your stay.
    • On 26 October, the first driven hunt will begin. After the hunt, the Streckelegen (laying out of the game) will take place, including the Jagdsignale (hunting horns paying their last respects to the fallen animals). On this day you can expect the hunt on the whole to shoot approximately 10 boar, between 10-20 roe and one or two red.
    • The hunt on the 27 October will mirror that of the 26th, but with new stands presenting you with new challenges. On this day you can expect the hunt on the whole to shoot 30-50 boar and 20-30 roe with red also making an appearance.
    • After the second day of hunting you can decide to stay another night, or if you’d rather you can fly back on the 27th.

    So what’s included in the price…

    • Accommodation on a two-sharing basis.
    • Breakfast and Dinner each day (including BBQ on arrival on 25th October), plus soup and drink after each hunt.
    • Transport to and from Hannover airport.
    • All Überläufer (wild boar up to two years old), all roe does, fox, raccoon and raccoon dog.
    • All hunting licences.
    • Trophy Preperation for Wild Boar (shields cost additional €10)
    • Cinema Range Entry
    • German Hunting Tradition and Game Recognition Lecture

    Hunting Quarry List:

    • Wild Boar up to two years old (free)
    • Roe Does (free)
    • Fox (free)
    • Raccoon (free)
    • Raccoon Dog (free)
    • Red Stag 6-8 points (additional charge of €400)
    • Male Wild Boar over two years (additional charge of €600)
    • Red Prickets (additional charge of €100)


    • The number of hunters present on each day of hunting will be between 30-40.
    • The number of beaters with dogs will be twenty.
    • Minimum calibre required is no less than 6.5mm with no less than 2000 joules of energy at 100m.

    The cost of this trip is €1100 per person to include all of the above. If you are interested in the fantastic hunting trip them please get in touch by PM, or give me a call on +491709013627.

    This trip would be great for both experienced and novice driven hunters. Novice hunters can particularly benefit due to the inclusion of the cine-range and the lecture given before you take your stands. So if you would like to book a place then all that’s required is a €350 deposit, then full payment by 10th October.

    Only eight places available so book early!

    What’s not included in the price:

    • Flights to and from Germany
    • Alcoholic drinks
    • Lunch

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    bartzkingx. Can you explain how someone can tell when a boar ( as driven so not much time) is over 2 years of age before taking a shot, where if mistaken will cost an additional £600
    Regards Gaz
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    Hi Gaz,

    It is my strongest intention not to come across as patronising but inevitably it may...

    Firstly, this is exactly the reason we have a brief on it before the hunting so that points like this can be brought to the fore.

    There are a number of ways you can tell the age of the animal, even while it is running. Pigs have a strong hierarchy and act in such a way that this is identifiable. If there was to be a single animal running in front of you, there is a very very strong possibility that this will be a older male boar. I say this because males do not live with the sounder; the only time they are close to the sounder is for breeding in Dec-Feb ish.

    If a group were to run by, this is fairly easy to pick out what to shoot. The front pig will always always always be the lead/alpha female; after her, the pigs will run in order of hierarchy/age. The ones nearer the front are older, the ones nearer the back will be the younger ones.

    Another way to tell age is by the colour, which at less than 100m is relatively easy to distinguish. The older the animal, the darker its coat. A young pig has a light grey or even its about a year it will have a milk-coffee-brown coat, whereas the sow and boar have dark grey/black coats.

    Another way is the shape; picture red deer and you can apply the same principle. An older male boar will have a very distinguished pear drop shape with a large bushy main running along it's back. The pig will be filled out and look very 'solid', they run with a lot of purpose and determination. Their heads will hold low.
    An older sow will have similar characteristics as the male but with a more square profile, longer facial features than that of the male.
    The younger animals are similar in features as any animal such as red deer. The younger pigs hold their heads higher, they have long thin legs. They almost look taller due to the fact that they have not yet filled out.

    With regards to the extra €600, this is for the trophy that you can get from a male boar. What you see protruding from the mouth is only approximately one third of the total length of the lower tusk. Some tusks can be as long as 21cm! Safe to say the trophy of a lifetime! Only three weeks ago I got an 8cm trophy from an 18 month old, 67 kilo female that's now mounted in my dining room! If you were to make a mistake, which mistakes do happen, then the trophy would have to be paid for; however, if you do not wish to shoot the big boar, they are easily avoidable... just don't shoot the massive 100 kilo things that look like small cars!

    I hope this helps answer your question.

    Regards, Tom

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    A good way to determine if a wild boar is over 24 months is by looking at his teeth (not only the tusks but the all the teeth inside). Wild boar change teeth on a fixed time related basis. I gave a card to my friend Ross Atkinson who has put it on the SD some time ago. You might browse his subjects for the card, otherwise i might look into my archive to sort it out.
    Nevertheless, i would be carefull shooting at anything over (lets say) 40 kilo's, as you never know for sure it is over or under 2 years old when it comes running past, especially if you see wild boar for the first time during a driven hunt. I know of plenty (old) keilers who are just 60 kilo's in weight.

    Not trying to be too critical but paying 600 euro for any male wild boar over 2 year is a bit steep IMO even if it has (only) tusks up to 18 cm (say 3,4 or 5 years old). Randomly you pay in Germany and Poland around a 1000 euro for a big 18-21 cm throphy at guided static / high seat hunts. If it has only (lets say) 8-10 cm tusks it will cost you around 250 euro.
    In most of the German driven hunts it is quite normal not to charge for male wild boar trophies, but if a male boar is over 60 kilo's you have to take the meat at a certain price (mostly around 2 euro the kilo). Because big males are not liked by the butchers in the driven hunting periods (full of testosteron).
    The pricing set for the reds is on the other hand reasonable.
    But again, judge for yourself, i do not want to sound patronising, just want to share my experience.

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    Thanks for your informative replies.

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