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Thread: Barrel Harmonics

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    Barrel Harmonics

    Quick question. If your scope (or more accurately the butler creek cover) is touching the top of your barrel the tiniest bit, is it likely to affect the barrel harmonics and grouping?

    I have slid a bit of paper between the barrel and stock and it is still free floating. I have also shave some of the rubber off the cover, do it really is only a fraction of the cover that is touching the barrel.


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    it may or may not depeding where it touches the barrel - and whether the barrel is free floating at the point

    the real question though is whether it makes any practical difference?

    try shooting a group with and without it on - does it make any difference?

    if you are always going to shoot with it on as long as it doesnt affect the group too much and the zero is set with it on it will likely make little difference and its unlikely to change.

    The main thing to do though is be happy with it and be confident with whatever you decide - any doubt, any bad shot, anything goes wrong and you will always suspect it was down to this unless you've proved to yourself that it doesnt affect the shot

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    The trouble is, I can't seem to get it off! Bought the scope 2nd hand, and don't know enough about butler creeks to know wether they are just super tight fitting or that it has been glued on.

    And you are right about the worry factor. Had problems with leupold mounts last year so new scope and optilocks, but I've already found something to worry about!


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    They are push on only.

    Have you got a piccy? That would help.


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    I've got Butler Creek covers on my scope and yes they are tight to get off. Mine was touching the barrel and I wasn't happy with it for the same reason as yourself. I took it off the scope (very carefully, bit by bit) and shaved it off until it was clear of the barrel. Check the zero afterwards, just to reassure yourself nothing moved, and away you go.
    Cheers, Pete.

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    I have known some people to glue them they are normally push on and quite tight... you can shave off if you cant just pull it

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    Thanks very much for the comments folks. Spent a productive hour taking the cover off (I used that indispensible gunsmithing tool - a bic pen lid. No marking the scope and the tapered end means you can dig under the rubber and lever it off!) then shaving it down with my buck stalking knife.

    End result is that it now sits clear of the barrel, so now I need to find something else to worry about before my first trip of the season next weekend!


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    Quote Originally Posted by novice
    so now I need to find something else to worry about before my first trip of the season next weekend!

    Don't worry about your kit, just the weather. Enjoy your weekend .
    Cheers, Pete.

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    Just out of curiosity what was the problem you had with the leupold mounts? (given I am just over a problem with some)

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    I had a set of windage adjustable mounts and had one of the windage screws off the rear mount come loose and drop off the rifle mid stalk (resulting in a missed beast and some serious head scratching until I thought to look at the mounts).

    I know a lot of people advocate putting some sort of locking compound on the screws, but I believe a system should work adequately without the need for outside help.

    End result is that I now have some optilocks, but even that system hasn't totally won me over. In my eyes, surely the most secure way to attach a scope to a cnetrefire would be for the bases to be screwed onto the receiver and then the rings to lock to the bases, like the front leupold mount?

    What problems have you been having, if you don't mind me asking?


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