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Thread: When's the rut finished?

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    When's the rut finished?

    Has the roe rut finished up by now? And do the bucks disappear for a while afterwards? If so when do they 'reappear'? Just curious as the fields are finally starting to get cut now and I might actually be able to see something!

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    Were i am the does seem to be with some small bucks a sure sign that the main rut is leveling off. The bucks will be tight in cover charging there bateries for the winter. A couple more outings then on to the does.

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    Saw 2 bucks fighting thurs and called in a mature buck this morning so still some activity here.

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    The rut is more or less finished in my area,in some areas you might find individuals continuing to show rutting activity till the end of the month or occasionally into September, you will know when its finished as you will hardly see a Buck on your ground this state will last a few weeks maybe a month before you see them again
    even then its usually young Bucks you will see after the rut.

    Personally I will have no more let days for Bucks but might cull a few yearling Bucks myself in September which can be an OK time catch up with yearlings you would like to remove but which would not have been of interest to clients.

    If you are Lucky you may see some rutting activity to wards the end of September, the so called false rut, don't see it every year and even when you do its usually yearling Bucks that get involved and only a small proportion of them at that.

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    did it even start yet in some places

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    did it even start yet in some places
    We're the same this way, no sign of it what so ever, infact all the Roe seem to have gone...
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    all done in my area , did manage to call a cracking buck this morning but im sure it was only because i caught him out in the middle of a stubble field and he was only really half hearted in his approach .

    unlike last weekend when they were coming like the clappers !

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    Saw a buck chasing a doe hard yesterday .

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    Cheers for the replies guys! I might take a quick look tmro but not optimistic. What time would you reckon for AM? Be there 4.30?


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