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Thread: bunny burgers with chillies

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    bunny burgers with chillies

    decide this last wee while to try bunny burgers and various flavours / additions

    one of the guid ones was rabbit with chillies

    basically i take the rabbit and cut it across the spine where ribs join the spine and then do away with front half as cant be bothered with the amount of met you get.....instead of wasting it tho you can use the front half of the carcass'es for a "midden" or baiting area for im recycing :-)

    i take the back sections and place them in a container of cold water and add a few habdfuls of salt and leave in the chiller overnight
    then de-bone the saddles and back legs till left with container o meat .....the bones go with the front half for bait / midden.

    i buy "smoked ham soup packs " or misshaped bacon pieces form supermarket.....lidls are good for this.

    then mince the lot....looking for 5lbs o bunny mince to 1 1/2 of bacon mince......( use a large tescos washhand basin as a mixing bowl)

    i then added a table spoon of yellow coloured pork seasoning i get from my local butchers just as a base seasoning

    i then took one of those cellophane packs of chiilies that held maybe a dozen ish.....blitzed them seeds included in food processor and threw em into the mixed mince with some rusk and mix till "right"

    burgered up and by jesus they are great......recently went on day trip sea fishing and guys were lapping them up and folk asking me to make more......

    they were really tasty with every other bite having a bit of "bite"..

    just thought id put it upto give others who may not have the luxury of steady supply o venison but a supply of bunnys!!!

    dinnae laugh at the chef!!!!

    also tried
    bunny with sweet chilli sauce thru em
    bunny with bbq sauce thru em
    bunny with grated cheddar & blitzed spring onions thru em

    all ace!!!!!!!!!

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    Rabbits young and Rabbits old
    Rabbits hot and Rabbits cold
    Rabbits tender Rabbits tough
    Thank you Lord I've had enough

    Can't stand them I'm afraid ate too many when growing up, had them disguised in every way possible, can spot when a bit of rabbit has been slipped into something at 1000 yards.

    Pity really as they are no doubt a good food source, but I have developed a real aversion to them.

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