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Thread: atrracting roe

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    atrracting roe

    I have about 2000 acres in leicestershire,lots of munites,with,very,very occasional roe sighting.
    The roe frequent a large estate,just over an A road thats very close to my permission.
    What is the one thing I can do to draw them onto my ground.
    Bearing in mind my permission is part of a large pheasant shoot,Regards Tony.

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    Shoot every Munty you see! Eliminate the competition.

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    As deerman said kill every munty, the shoot keepers will love you for it as well.

    Good luck at this time of year

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    Don't agree ,if it was the case how come roe ,red and munty live together well on estates in Suffolk .i have even seen fallow with the afore mentioned deer all in one evening on the same woodland ride ,don't give muntys such a hard time ,the roe will get there eventually ,as long as the lampers don't get em first !

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    We've got at least 4 species 5 if you count the odd sighting of CWD. Muntjac were every where, after a couple of years hard culling, 300 & 200+ the Roe numbers started to increase. I do love muntys and has been said the Roe will get there eventually. It is quite nice to see Red,Roe, a d Muntjac feeding together!

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    I definitely don't agree either I have both Roe and Muntjac living very happily together side by side,and very often in the same field at the same time,try this,if they do access your area even at night then this might make them stop a little longer.


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    Living together is fine, they eat more or less the same things though.

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    Martin which video am I looking at?

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    Its been said before any given area of land will only supporrt a certain number of animals Roe and Muntjac compete especially in winter depends what you would rather have a given area will hold about double the amount of Muntjac than it will Roe 2 to 1.

    Quite a few studies also suggest that apart from the competition for food Roe are not keen on Muntjac and will move away especially where the muntjac population is greater than the Roe population.
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    Thanks guys fot the info,I was thinking more along the lines of,food/mineral blocks on posts,at a height for roe not muntjac?

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