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Thread: Hornady cases, any good?

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    Hornady cases, any good?

    I have a load of .243 hornady cases, once fired, and am wondering if they are any good for reloading. I don't reload as yet, but might start at some point so am wondering whether to bother hanging onto them or not.
    what do you think?

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    yes they are ok get yourself a reloading kit and start to reuse them, youll have more satisfaction shooting your own homelaods in on the bargain as well
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    hi yes + one for reloading go for it.

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    all of the above lol we are all here to help you where we can
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    No they are tripe,best send them to me for disposal!Seriously nowt up wi em,crack on and start reloading
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    Yes they are more than good, surely cases are an expendable item anyway I have used lapua and most of the others, I now use Hornady they are already anealed and I get as many reloads as other brands I have used and they are half the price of lapua if you know where to get them and certainly not half the quality yes maybe a close second.

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    Thanks all,
    I'll hang onto them then, still got a few boxes of factory ammo left but will have a think about reloading after they are gone.

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    Thats the spirit.
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    If your not going to reload then sell them on and use the funds to buy more factory rounds

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