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Thread: 177/22 sub fac. which cal??

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    Cool 177/22 sub fac. which cal??

    My esteemed colleges.
    I am in the throws of getting a sub fac air gun and need. Help choosing cal. back in oz i have a fx typhoon 12 in 177 which at 930 fps shooting a jsb exact heavy is deadly on rabbits.
    What is the consensus for a rabbit/pigeon air gun?. Looking for something in the 11.5 ft lb range.

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    They will both do the job on rabbits.
    .22 needs a bit more accurate range estimation as the trajectory is a bit more up and down. Having said that I have shot .22 for years and find it a great rabbiting cal.

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    My main sub-12 air rifle for rabbits is a .177 AirArms S410k. Love it.

    (I've also got a sub-12 .22 BSA Ultra which is great for whacking rats around the feeders.)
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    The AA S200 a cracking wee rifle..... its cheap, accurate, light and its cheap..... in .177 its perfect....

    Cheers David

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    177. does it all.
    The flatter trajectory makes for more accurate shot placement.
    I`ve used air rifles for 30 yrs and use mainly 177 pcp nowadays, very clinical.

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    Go half way and get a .20 Simples.

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    hi 177 AA 400 it will do the job.if you can hit it it will kill it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom D View Post
    Go half way and get a .20 Simples.
    Big +1 there.

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    If your not always head shooting rabbits you will wound alot with .177 if your shot placement isnt great also the wind can knock the wee pellet aswell. I use .22 more as it will kill with a poorly placed shot as head shots are not always possible. I have a .177 and it doesnt get out much now. cheers Hootsman

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    Sub fac I've always used a .177 with something like barracuda match pellets,much easier to shoot with a flatter trajectory, fac .22 running around 40flb with eun Jin 28.4g pellets not much can get away from them bad boys.....

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