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Thread: Shooting deer when lieing down.( The deer)

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    Shooting deer when lieing down.( The deer)

    I know i am opening a can of worms, so if you wish to pm me the answer/advice i would be more than great full, but if you are brave enough to speak out....feel free.

    Imagine that you have to reach a cull target. You are driving along, and a deer presents itself 20 yards away, and is looking straight at you., frozen. You can get your cross hairs on it, and it is a safe shot. Where would you shoot, time is not on your side, and the little beaut will not stand up. Advice please. Many thanks.

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    i remember once i was stalking with a fella who needed two more deer to reach his target on this paticular morning we stumbled upon a bunch of fallow does lay up in some fallen bracken about 50 yrds away, his only words were shoot the one on the left, the only shot available was a head shot knowing the fact my 243 was an inch high at 100yrds i new by aiming between his eyes this deer would not suffer and the deer did not as it dropped , all the deer now stood up and wandering what just happened the stalker now said shoot the dark one ,to my reply "i can only see it's butt" his reply "was i don't care just shoot it" just then it stuck it's head up and fell to a singe shot at the base of it's skull not a nice experience for me as a novice .
    since then i hav shot many deer head and neck but choose my shots carefully and still chest shoot many .
    the choice is yours what is the difference of head or necking a deer lay down or stood in tall wheat as long as the shot is safe and the rifle bullet combo is good it is all down to the person pulling the trigger if you are not happy or confident don't shoot .
    dead is dead whatever the shot

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    Mark, I think that you will find that Duncs just ommitted to state that the vehicle was in a fenced designated deer park where shooting from a vehicle would be permitted. Didn't you Duncs!
    I am going to give my honest opinion and then duck down for the crossfire!
    If I could get a clear shot at the Neck without the bullet hitting the back of the beast behind, I would be tempted to take it below the chin and through the neck. Or also take it at the base of the neck and drill the bullet down into the chest from there if the angle allows. Depends really on the angle of the body.
    Now I am going to put my tin hat on and get in the bunker!

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    In the past I have got myself in a good firing position and then after getting tired of waiting shouted at the deer to get up. Being an obliging young doe she did so. As the story goes the rest is in the chiller

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    but where did you shoot her when she got is the question? (answer honestly please MarkH)

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    I agree with you Stone. I would not usually take a head shot and only rarely take a neck shot but in the summer I stumbled across two roe bucks which were lieing in the stubble. They were at 50m and one presented his head to me. It felt good and I took the shot without hesitation. It just depends on what feels confortable at the time.

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    In my experience Mark's technique works very well. Deer can feel uneasy and prone to attack whilst lying down. I also shout 'oi' and aim at the space where the chest will be on a standing deer. Works everytime.

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    be fore anyone gets on my case to much, when i head shoot i only ever shoot when they are looking at me or directly away from me and everthing is at close range if i am not happy i change to a chest shot or do not shoot there is always another day as i am more experienced and not hav a cull total to acheive

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    Hi Stone,
    Quite correct my friend. I would be more worried about trying to shoot a prone deer and the bullet deflecting off heavy undergrowth etc and really causing some damage. We are all grown men/women and if we take rash actions there is only one sure out come. I've regretted making some poor judgement calls, unfortunately I don't think they will be my last. I have neck shot a Roe Buck just as it was about to run off. The bullet strike was perfect. It didn't mean however that I do it all the time. Next time it may go wrong. I send alot of time practicing my marksmanship and as I have admitted in other posts still missed deer. It really is hard to judge other stalkers actions in this senario. I would not attempt to comment either way, its down to the individual.

    This is a good thread with some very honest answers.

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