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Thread: Taking the pi--

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    Taking the pi--

    I have always relieved my bladder near the pen when I first release the poults to wood ,hoping his knibbs mr fox would keep away .
    this year I intend to take it one step further and collect my widdle during the day too and hope it lasts for a couple of weeks untill the wheat comes off ,I have a big pen so may drink plenty of tea .anyone else take these old style things into the 21st c too or am I just an old fart .

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    HI Norma
    Old school, done this for many years i have rags tied to my pens these i piss on, and i collect my piss to. Some cheep smellys works well to. Also have a radio in each pen inside a barrell work a treat

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    its working for me as welll, been doing this for years
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    Good chaps ,just been up and they have followed the sun down on the west side of the big pen and looks like a lot have gone up to roost first night. hate the first night ,I like the rag thing .gotta get my arse up early in the am which is hard if I'm not going for a stalk hey ho

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    pm me your address and i will send you mine recon i could russle up a couple of litres no sweat

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    ive had birds in release pens since 2nd week june , and they are still in there phew
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    Looks like I had a few birds jug out in the wheat next to the pen ........had being the word ! They were cold when I got to em at 5.15 am so he got em in the night don't you just love mr fox .

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    Sounds like a great bit of knowledge.
    I am going to the (held in September) Octoberfest in Munich so I will havve 37 zillion litres free to a good homes available in October.

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    From what I have seen over the years I wouldn't place too much faith on protecting my birds by having a piss round the pens! depending a bit where you are, foxes today seem to be totally disinterested in the stink humans leave behind.
    I was out waiting for a fox that had been causing a bit of trouble and I had taken a leak well away from where I was waiting before I settled down. A couple of hours later a dog fox not only totally ignored my scent, he cocked his leg up where I had done the same earlier! Pleased to say it was the last piss he ever took. Must try that one again sometime!

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    Perhaps you should bottle it and sell it as fox attractant!

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