So it is that time of year and my smaller stags will be outof velvet soon and I will be looking to cull them September time
This advert is for any one who is interested or missed out earlier this year.
A full ad will go out towards the end of the month

I will be doing.

Beginners Days in Red Deer Management inc an 8/10 pointanimal
Morning on the range, Shooting a stag, hands on gutting andskinning then braking the beast down.
Price for a good 10 pointer around £400 (trophy head andmeat package to take home)

A Cull Stag and Butchery Day.
Out on the range first, then Shooting a stag, hands ongutting and skinning, braking the carcass down and learning how to butcher thecarcass.
I can take up to 3 guys at a time but only one can shoot a cullanimal but I will have plenty of carcasses to butcher. All stalkers can shooton the range out to 200 yrds and life size red targets
Price 1 on 1 £300, 1 on 2 £400 and 1 on 3 £475

The Beginners Days inc the 10 point stag will be first comebasis, so any interested parties can PM me early to get more information.

Cheers Andrew.Attachment 18171 Attachment 18172