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Thread: Sako 75 Hunter

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    Sako 75 Hunter

    I have a Sako 75 hunter in .243 on a wood stock, anyone know where I can find a synthetic stock for it, new or good nick "cheap" ?

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    search past threads, someone had one on for 100 a few months ago, might still be unsold.

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    I might have one, but it won't be available for a couple of months until my new stock is ready.. I wouldn't want to commit to a date yet..

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    I have one for sale off my Sako 75 .243 Stainless Synthetic.

    Will sell for 100.


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    Thanks for the replies, I;ll make my mind up soon whether to change the rifle or just the stock.

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    Jackson Rifles have several new McMillan stocks with Sako inlets at reasonable prices.

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    There's one on guntrader, otherwise staffordshire synthetic stocks are pretty reasonable

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    The 75's gone now, its being replaced by an 85 varmint laminate in stainless, lovely looking gun, didn't want to kiss an carress it in the shop, I'll save that till I get it home. A bit more expensive than a replacement stock but sod it. Thanks again for your replies.

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