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Thread: Quad - training/certification

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    Question Quad - training/certification

    Hi looking to try and do a quad course, anyone got any info on the best 1 to do and where in scotland??

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    lots of places offer it , just be prepared to re mortgage the house to pay for it tho

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    Do they do quad courses ?
    Looks like they are a gardening firm ??

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    barony collage do it

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    You need to do the NPTC course it lasts for ever if you do the lantra one it only lasts 3 years.
    Go onto the NPTC website and look up course providers for ATV's it gives you the course notes and what you need to know I did mine about 2 months ago and as long as you know one end of a quad from the other forget the course just do the test it cost me 130 and you get a certificate after 12 weeks wait

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    Thanks for the info!!!
    I'll have a look

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    I have found a training provider that can arrange NPTC quad courses and assessments in the Stirling area.
    The price per course can be split by the people taking the course.
    I want to get the certificate sorted as part of my "paper chase" as some call it.
    If anyone fancies it i can pm you the contact details for the training provider and they could arrange to run a course.

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    usually Lantra is the training course before the nptc test. so you will get a lantra card when you complete the training and a nptc card if you pass the test. our young lads and seasonal ghillies were on the courses last week at highland off road in Dunkeld. I've got a file some where on my computer with the prices if i can find it!!!
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    Yep thats how i see it too mate - lantra cert for the training and NPTC for the test.
    Then its on to first aid,H&S,Manual handling etc..............

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