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Thread: 243 fox

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    243 fox

    Ive just spoken to my feo about getting a 243 for fox , but he says i wont get a 243 for fox only for deer , and only then after x amount of stalks , dsc1 etc etc . So i then asked about another 223 but a dedicated nv set-up , but he says i wont get 2 fox rifles . He's says i can apply but thats what will happen , is this the same everywhere ???
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    I was granted a .243 for fox as my first centrefire, no deer until I have done a couple of paid stalks with estate rifle. I'm with West yorks and they said better to have 1 rifle for fox and deer then 2 centre fires.

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    In a word, no.

    I've got my 243 variation back with "vermin and ground game/fox/deer" on it. I would contact firearms to see if the FEO is correct.


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    I think you can have a .243 for deer only or deer and fox, but, generally, not fox only.

    I will now get some people saying they have a .243, .50BMG etc for fox only. Please can you include the date of grant so we can separate current from historic practice.

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    He was making out as this is a new thing , and most fac's comeing up for renewal with FOX only may have problems getting a renewal .

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    My fox only was granted 5 weeks ago, I will have deer eventually but for now fox only

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    Im under cheshire , i can do a 1-1 so no charge and may try it then .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irish Bob View Post
    I think you can have a .243 for deer only or deer and fox, but, generally, not fox only.

    I will now get some people saying they have a .243, .50BMG etc for fox only. Please can you include the date of grant so we can separate current from historic practice.
    there are regional variations as well as historic variations to what is granted. its a pain. i suspect there are people with multiples of guns of the same caliber, you have to have good reason and a dedicated NV set up would be good reason. I discussed this with my FEO at a home visit suggesting I may request a 2nd 243 for fox NV set up, in principle he felt it was reasonable and I suspect he would grant it should I apply.
    There is a huge number of posts that highlight the regional differences (and this can be within the same police region). There are guidelines that the police are supposed to follow but this is not always the case and leaves a lot of subjectivity even if they are.
    If you think what you are asking for is reasonable given your experiance, shooting oppertunities etc then I would stick to your initial plans and support your application with a letter that outlines this. Polite but firm is the best approach.

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    I also come under cheshire and they are one if not worst force in england..they dont follow the guidelines and make there own up as they go along..but ref NV i have x2 -223 one with dedicated NV but have had that for many many yrs now..also other same cals x2 with NV.

    I did have a run in with Cheshire a few yrs ago when i tried get 243 which i still don't have and they were being funny with me having so many same cal x2 rifles with Day/NV optics they said you can change the scopes in seconds from a day optic to night which i said your wrong its not a case of just swapping...we then got into a heated conversation which i wont say on here...even though it was them who allowed me same cal x2 rifles many yrs ago.

    Cheshire don't have a clue about what's involved in today's shooting there very ANTI from what i make out

    Good luck mate.


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    as .243 is generally considered the minimum deer calibre I can see why they would question what benefit it would be over a calibre shooting lighter bullets

    I dont agree with it as it is your choice not theirs but if that is what they do in Manchester you could be p1ssing into the wind.

    why not ask for a 22-250 if the .243 is a no go?

    Personally I have always made sure that i have as many options on a rifle as possible, if its the difference between a £50 paid stalk and getting the calibre you want is that an issue?
    There is no official guidance to suggest you need either "x amount of stalks" or "DSC1" to be conditioned for deer. push back and/or get the BASC etc involved (although I have no experience of that and hear it can be a painful process!)

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