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Thread: Buying/selling moderators off ticket

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    Buying/selling moderators off ticket

    Just to clear up any misunderstandings, the buying and selling moderators off ticket is not allowed via this site. As far as we are concerned the law states that a moderator is deemed the same as a firearm, and the possession of one requires the same transaction procedure as buying a rifle. Therefore no sales of off ticket moderators, please not this is not open to debate.

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    Are air rifle mods included in this? - obviously they aren't required to be on a ticket but looks as though an RFD can legally sell one to someone without a ticket if it's for an air rifle?

    Am I right in thinking it's illegal to sell an air rifle mod to someone unless you're an RFD? - not that it's possible for anyone to know as mods don't have serial numbers...

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    Just to clarify what my partner and colleague has said, due in part to some people on this site asking for OFF TICKET moderators, which is illegal.

    Anyone who asks or is known by Admin to be selling or offering for sale any firearms or parts there of without the appropriate paperwork (i.e. having authority on their FA certificate to purchase and or aquire) will have their membership terminated immedialty. Certain air rifles come under the FA act if they are over so many foot pounds I believe. I have no real interest in air rifles so I am sure someone will correct me. However the onus is on you to make sure you are within the law, before advertising or buying any such item.

    Please remember ladies and gentlemen that the relevant authorities DO PATROL this site

    Thank you
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