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Thread: Deer in Co Tyrone - Near Cookstown

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    Deer in Co Tyrone - Near Cookstown

    Does anyone know if there are deer in the rural areas near Cookstown in significant numbers and if so, what species they are?

    I have heard rumours that they are present and spoke to a farmer who assured me that they are on the ground. I also saw slots at a crossing point and would assume that any local deer are likely to be sika. Can anyone confirm?

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    Hi Armo ...
    I live not to far from that area. The main forest there being Davagh.
    The species are Sika , how many exactly ,I dont know.
    There are alot of walks in the forests there and you dont have to walk far before you see alot of deer...
    A guy i know who lives on the edges who does a bit of stalking too, tells me that the numbers of deer in that area have been distroyed due to poaching,,
    Poaching is without a doubt a big problem, but from what i can see there plenty of beasts running around on the roads...
    I remember hunting some cover for foxes a few years ago , just a few miles away from there, it was just old brackon and whin bushes, and to our supprise flushed about 12 sika..
    I am pretty new to stalking and am learning fast that stalking in N Ireland seems to be like a secret as far as the Forestry services are concerned..
    I remember reeding not to long ago in a shooting magazine an article written by Rodger Pollen of the BASC, It was titled " NI forestry still ignore Stalking".
    This is true, if you ring them up they say they dont know what your talking about ..
    NI Forestry employ Wildlife Officers, or Rangers to control the nunbers of deer on there ground. This means paying one or two men to shoot hundreds of deer every year... does this make sence,, surely it would generate thousands if not millions of pounds for the forestry service to sell or let the stalking to recreational stalkers...
    From all acounts the deer numbers in NI are on the up and have been for the past 10-15 years, this is a good thing and long may it continue..

    If you have farmers permition in that area , then the deer are most likley Sika.. and there seems to be quite a few,,, Good Luck with your hunting mate and i hope you have success....

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    I did a fair bit of tramping about in Tyrone as a field geologist a few years back, the Gortin Glen area and just about any patch of forest around the headwaters of the Strule and Mourne Rivers had good numbers of deer, mainly Sika, even then.
    You'll be lucky or doing a lot of persuasion to get any permissions though.

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    Thanks for the replies - certainly bears further investigation.

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