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Thread: My local fox family, denizens of Wasps RFC.

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    My local fox family, denizens of Wasps RFC.

    Hello everyone.

    I went out for a walk round the block late yesterday afternoon, and here's what I saw through the fence of the Wasps RFC training ground. So there are the buggers who rip up my bins! There are two cubs (at the front), the mother lying in the grass further back I think, and a big old dog who slunk off the moment we came into view. I'll try and go back for a better photo with my real camera at some point, but there were players training out there today so the foxes won't be anywhere near.

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    I also noticed a fair few rabbits on the other side of the training ground. I wonder whether the Wasps groundskeeper would mind terribly if I "gathered" a few occasionally...
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    If you don't ask,you will never know

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    exactly what I do for a rugby club near here.
    rabbits as well as they dig up the pitch

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    I'll find out who to speak to at some point, but the whole ground is surrounded by residential properties and schools, so it's not an obvious one. Zero cover for closing into a rabbit with an air rifle too!

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    mine is overlooked by blocks of flats!

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    Pine Marten, PM sent.

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    Right, now they've started trashing my garden. Yesterday morning, I looked outside and saw that they'd tried to dig under the composter, torn up a piece of lawn at one end to come in under the decking, and another couple at the other end.

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    When I have my interview with the FEO, I'm going to push my luck and ask if I can shoot the ginger menaces from my window at ~15m with a .22LR. He'll probably tell me to jog on, but it can't hurt to try.

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