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Thread: Logging On

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    Logging On

    Recently I have had to make two or more attempts to log on to the site.
    My page 'times out' or I get fed up waiting and come back later when I've got more time.
    Has anybody else had the same problem? my PC has no problem with other sites, I click and it's there!

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    we know it is a problem and we are trying to sort it out, if I may suggest that instead of keep trying to log on, close the page entirely and open it again this sometimes works, it is what I do.

    Sorry for the problems.


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    I have been getting it too, I find the main irritation when you log in and then click on new posts, it tells me there are none. Presumably because it counts my failed login as the last time I was here!

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    WoW! logged straight on then no problem, keep up the good work!!
    Now let's see if I can flick from page to page as good.

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    I spoke too soon.
    I am still having problems, it takes so long to log on and then I am asked to log in.
    Then I eventually get on site but when I change a page I get this come up,
    "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"
    So I have to start all over again and then I give up!!

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    Tried Firefox recently and that seemed a little better if it's any help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hillbilly
    Tried Firefox recently and that seemed a little better if it's any help.
    I use firefox on pc at work and explorer at home. Cant say Ive noticed any diffeerence. It seems to be very intermittent. One minute it connects fine, the next it grinds to a halt.

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