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Thread: BDS SW Scotland Activity Day

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    BDS SW Scotland Activity Day

    British Deer Society
    South West Scotland Branch

    Multi Activity Day
    Sunday 28th October 2012
    Cornharrow Estate
    Dalry, Dumfriesshire

    Gralloching, Deer Carcass Preparation, Organ and Glands Inspection
    This session is intended to be a 'hands on' opportunity for all stalkers and DSC 1 candidates and will cover the following:

    • gralloching
    • carcass preparation-removal of pluck, feet and head etc
    • inspection of the animal before shooting, after shooting, and during gralloching and carcass preparation
    • inspection of the lymph glands
    • skinning
    • DCS Best Practice Guides

    It will be particularly suitable for DSC Level 2 candidates prior to taking witnessed stalks. It will also provide training for Wild Game Meat Handling 'Trained Hunters'.

    There will be ample opportunity for hands on involvement.

    Butchery Demonstration
    A professional butcher will demonstrate butchery and sausage/burger making. This demonstration is intended to demonstrate professional butchery techniques to enable efficient and maximum utilisation of the carcass. While this is not intended to fast track participants to professional butcher status it will give valuable pointers and techniques to enable best use to be made of the carcass.

    Non members of the BDS are most welcome to attend.

    Charge. To cover the larder and other expenses a 25 fee will be charged. The fee will be reduced to 15 if you bring a fresh carcass no more than 24 hours old (shot the day before or the morning), gralloched only and the gralloch contained in a bag, pluck in, head and feet on. The carcass will be returned to you at the end of the day

    Hot drinks will be provided during the day and there will be a barbeque with veniburgers, sausages and soup for lunch. Although the events will be held under cover please bring warm clothing and weatherproof clothing in case of cold weather.

    Pre Registration and payment are essential as numbers will be limited to 24. Contact: Branch Secretary 07968 593165.

    Cornharrow Estate is located on the north side of the B729. BDS signs will be placed on the B729. Car parking will be signposted.

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    Hello Keith,

    I would like to attend again.

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    Not a problem. Please send PM and I will forward details for payment.

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    hi mate will be there if my mate remembers to tell me before the event this time as last year he said, remember that butchery demonstration im doing that your going to with me it was last week

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    Three places left.

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    Two places left. There will be a veterinary surgeon in attendance to answer any questions you may have on the anatomy of a deer.

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    Big thanks to Keith, Glenn and the rest of the team for a brilliant day today at Cornharrow.

    Absolutely first class.


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    Yes the day is first class I was there 3 years ago It set me on the road to my L2 a wealth of information .
    range days are also spot on.
    Keith I hope the knee is ok now & you are runing about again


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    Thank you for your kind words. It is always pleasant to see the interest on peoples faces in the larder. The butchery went very well as usual. I am standing down in January but the branch will continue to hold Activity Days.

    Den. The new knee is at last working well. Stalking in the morning.



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    Hi Keith
    Thats my boy.

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