Hi all,

I've just discovered the site thanks to Mark at 'Paint and Pins'.

I shoot a .308 Remmy 700vssf which I like a lot but am on the look out for a second, lighter rifle to carry around the woods and hills all day. I will probably stick with .308 but may consider a 30 06 with a moderator.

I've been deerstalking for the past 15 years and have a 7 month old GWP which I'm training for deer.

I would be interested in any information on forthcoming 'dog days'. From what I've read so far, Stones previous dog days seem to have been a great success. I would also be interested in information on stalking in or close to North Wales.

I was on the BASC Arran scheme in December 2008 when the snow was on the ground. Were any of the other members on the scheme that week?

I'm looking forward to chatting on the site.