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Thread: 45 long colt reloading kit

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    45 long colt reloading kit

    I have just bought a job lot of reloading stuff. I am sorting through selling all the stuff that is not useful for me.

    So here I have for sale as a job lot. 50 inc postage.

    140 Long Colt Cases (Around 75 appear once fired) I have thrown all the ones away with any cracking.

    132 250gr RNFP lead cast bullets.

    3 MTM type plastic cases.

    1 x Complete reloading manual for 45 Long Colt and a folder of printed info.

    2 part used tubes of lee case lube

    1 x set of Lee dies for long colt.

    Attachment 18196 Attachment 18197 Attachment 18198 Attachment 18199 Attachment 18200

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    IF you decide to split I'd be interested in most of the above, but not the Lee dies or the bullets

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    thanks for the offer. I have a fiar bit of stuff to sell and would ideally like to bunch it into the fewest packages.



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    whats the dia of the bullets


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    have you sold these yet?

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    have you sold these yet?

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