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Thread: Losing light

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    Losing light

    Is it just me or are the nights fair drawing in seems to me this last week the light has been fading pretty rapidly, in fact for that matter, this year has went past fairly quickly.


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    I was aware of it last night, the street lights were on and it was nearly dark at 2130hrs, this year just seems to have flown by.TJ
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    quiet dark on tyneside 845 last night slowly going

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    Yes it's the same here in the borders, not much after nine and pretty much time to go, I feel there's more time in the mornings just now (probably more to do with personal preference of stalking then).

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    Yep, by my reckoning it getting darker by 15 minutes per week.
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    Around mid-summer and mid-winter the rate of change in the sunset and sunrise times reduces a little and for a few nights actually sits still but as dave1372 says sunset moves forward about 15 minutes per week as does sunrise. So daylight hours reduce by around 2 hours per month at this time of year, quite a lot really.

    I think also that we notice it more depending on when the change is happening - so when the sunrise is getting later but still taking place long before I get out of bed that I hardly notice the change but once it reaches just about the time I would normally get up then it seems to change really quickly as a remember that last week it was daylight when I got up and now it is still pretty dark. The same thing happens in the evenings. So, I think there is a psychological aspect to it at certain times of year that makes the change appear to be happening really quickly and for me August is usually one month where the nights really seem to just drop down - one minute it is daylight when I'm going to bed and the next minute it seems to be getting dark when I've just had my dinner!
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    Soon be Christmas.

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    Could still easily have shot a stag last night in a field at 9.45pm if it had come closer!!!

    Lovely clear night though with no cloud cover.

    Is that not a good thing? The days getting shorter I mean? Home and in bed by 11pm instead of midnight...

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    The turnaround has been shocking quick and with the crap weather up here the now its making it seem even worse.As mentioned it is fine to get back hame at a reasonable hour but would still prefer the fine long light evenings.

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    Never mind, we will soon have the snow reflecting the moon and stars brightening things up , and the midges will be gone!

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