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Thread: Which is the best Dangerous Game Scope?

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    Which is the best Dangerous Game Scope?

    Looking for something to compliment my PMII. Any suggestions?

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    For proper dangerous game follow up you never use a scope, even a 1x is too slow compared to open sights. Other than that depending on caliber you may need a scope with extended eye relief, such as the Swarovski Z6 1-6x24EE model. Zeiss also do a low mag wide FOV model, so do S&B and Meopta. It comes down to your taste and your budget.

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    Would you consider Red Dot or Holographic as well as scopes?

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    What are you planning on shooting? And what rifle? The most important aspects for a true DG rifle, is how it fits you, and practising until the point the rifle feels like an extension of your body. No scope can replace those two things.

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    I have a Burris signature scope 1.5 power on my 375hh never let me down on either Elephant or Buff.
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    I use a leupold 1-4 x 20 with QD mounts, a 1x power scope is as fast as open sights, and is better at last light. Using open express sights is very traditional and and adds to the experience, open sights require a lot of practice but you can acheive good accuracy, I am going to purchase a peep sight from recknagel but bore the aperture out so it becomes a ghost ring, I may require a different front post, but it will be intersting to see how it performs.

    Practice should be done free hand ideally or off sticks, shooting off a bench is only useful for zeroing.

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    If its on something like a .375 or .416 and you're hunting buffalo, then a 2-8x32 or 3-9x36 will serve very nicely. Just make sure it has enough eye relief and you carry it on the minimum power ready to dial up if needed.
    If it is for a larger calibre close range rifle like a .458 or a .500 double, then a holo sight would work well or use the open sights. 1x or 1.5x max if elephant are involved.
    A 1-4x might be the traditional compromise on a bolt rifle, but if that buffalo of a lifetime appears at the edge of a clearing in dark shadow at 150 odd yards (not the 20-35 yds that all the books led you to expect) at the end of the 10th day, will you be able to see and make that high pressure shoulder/heart shot at 4x? It also might limit you a bit if you are using a single all-round safari rifle including for plains game.
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    Thanks for all the replies. I am going to test some of the above.

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    I keep a Z6i 1-6 x 24 for testing at the range, you can also shoot over open sights off sticks or freehand down to 25 metres.
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    Next time I am in Glos - visiting the inlaws - I will book in with you. Thanks. JP

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