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Thread: trade secret oil of alkanet

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    trade secret oil of alkanet

    anyone used this exact product in the past on finely sanded stocks without sealing or filling before, and then oil finishing after? just trying to decide on whether it's a good product or if I should go birchwood casey. sadly don't have time to mix my own alkanet root/BLO/Turpentine mix as it takes a few weeks so will have to resort to purchased mix.

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    yes used this came in three bottles one bottle alkanet oil to darken the wood one conventional oil and a finishing oil think it is made greener gun makers you can get a very good english oil finish done two of my english shot guns very happy
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    Yes used it on my 222 with good effect. I can recommend their rapid oil for finnishing a stocks as well. I've used it on my English side by side, beretta 682 gold e, 22lr, 222 lr and 25-06


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    It is an excellent product. I use it along with the rapid oil.


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