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Thread: Old Sako 222

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    Old Sako 222

    I need to make room for a new rifle so my old Sako has to go
    i dont even know the model , ive had it almost 20 years but not used it for the last ten
    it still shoots well enough but doing a lot more Red and boar now so not got a use for it
    The best offer in the next week (if any ) has it , it will be destroyed if no offers

    Would condsider a day out somewhere as a swap
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    hi colin, guy whose coming up with me in sept is after one but i dont know how is application is going at the moment. have you any idea what its worth etc and ill give him a call tomorrow

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    KC , I see you having a look dya fancy it
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    Got a picture? Could be a sako a1 vixen ?

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    Does it still shoot straight Colin?
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    Destroyed? That would be a travesty.

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    Jay22 , it is an A1 Vixen , the guy i had out stalking this morning has made an offer for it
    Tony it shot well the last time i used it on a target , i havent used it for deer for over 5 years
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    Pm inbound.

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    222 Vixen, sounds like a sought after rifle to me...I do like 222`s

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