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Thread: Thanks to all who helped me out

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    Thanks to all who helped me out

    Thank you very much to everyone who sent me DVD's to watch whilst I was off work with a knackered arm. I am now back at work and more importantly ready to stalk some bucks and try out my new climbing seat

    If anyone suffers a similar injury and faces time off work or fancies a dvd swap get in contact i have these to offer to help ease your boredom

    buck fever
    Calling foxes the warrener’s way
    carcass preperation KRD
    classic deer stalking
    DMQ 2 The Gralloch
    dove shooting
    Eating Crow
    Foxing for a living
    gold medal roe bucks
    hunting deer royal forests
    hunting in poland
    hunting in the highlands
    Jacks Game
    kenya safari
    mid summer bucks
    my very best buck
    Rabbiting with the Warner
    Roe Buck Stalking
    roe buck stalking
    Shooting rabbits
    Spring time pest control
    Strictly ferreting
    swedish adventures
    The a to z of fox control
    The art of long netting
    The best roe of my life
    the macnab
    The warren Calls and calling vol 1 and vol2
    trophy hunting in england
    usa monster bucks
    British Deer Society skin, butcher, cook
    Dave Stretton Butchering
    Foxing warrener style
    Shot Placement
    jacks game
    trophy heads
    Dave Stretton carcass preparation



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    Might be interested in Swedish Adventures ..........

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    Glad you got them after all mate and hope you watched them before you got to work ps thanks for the ones you sent me very informative.

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