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Thread: walking sticks

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    Question walking sticks

    I would like to use some roe buck antlers to make the handle of a pair of walking sticks. one for myself and one as a present.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to do this and what would to use.

    cheers, Tom

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    Find a suitable bit of antler,and a good shank , what I use 150mm 6" of 6 mm screwed rod ,drill a hole in the top of your shank and a hole in the chosen antler use arldite rapid adhesive ,the screwed rod holds the adhesive better ,and file away the excess antler .

    Highland horn has every thing your looking for component part wise ,you'll find pervious links on here I've made to them .

    Highland Horn - Horn, Antler, Wood materials, Tools and Accessories for Stickmakers Craftworkers
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    No expert in making sticks but I like having a stick that I have made myself. A while back I came across a good supply of hazel and I cut several shanks that I thought would make good sticks. I have heard some different methods for drying such as tying the shanks to rafters to keep them straight etc but I'm not sure that it matters as you can straighten them with a bit heat from the wife's hairdryer once dry. I hung mine vertically in my shed to dry for a year. I used roe antler and really just used what I found appealing and comfortable to hold. I attached the base of the antler to the shank giving a thumb hold in the V of the first tine. The antler can be easily cut and smoothed out with a rasp/file. IMO getting a piece of antler the same diameter as the stick helps. To attach the antler I drilled into it and then drilled into the shank. I screwed a coach screw into the shank making sure it was tight but not tight enough to split the shank. I then cut the head of the screw and glued the remaining stud into the antler. (used araldite). To strengthen the joint further I bought a collar from Walking Stick Making Supplies - Rerrick Stick Making Supplies and again using aradite glued this on. You can get these collars in all sorts of diameters and some with designs/emblems etched. To finish the stick I burnished it with steel wool soaked in linseed oil. This certainly brings out the colours and beauty of the shank.
    Probably the more dedicated stick makers are going Jeeeez!! but my stick is as good as the ones I have seen for sale and I have cut it just to the height I want it for walking and with the V thumb hold doubles as a rifle rest and when stuck in the ground somewhere to hang my binos whilst gralloching.
    Grand wee hobby to while away a couple of hours in the peace of my shed.

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    I have a roe walking stick which looks lovely.

    Unfortunately I never use it as it is the most uncomfortable bloody thing to hold, the spikes constantly snag on zips, bino strap, ears, eyes etc.
    Bent down once and it spun around and got me in the armpit!

    Now I know how those young spikers feel in August!

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    Gazza to straighten sticks when you cut and dry them bend them over your knee like a plumber bends pipe or cut a bit of 4x2 drill holes in it slide you stick in the hole and gentle apply pressure .

    You can do this periodically over the drying time of your shanks ,kinks in the stick you cannot get out !

    If your turning a handle crook type in a hazel shank the wetter the better ie turn it when you cut it off the bush or you'll have to steam it over a pot in the kitchen ,I usually cut them and place in a bit of plastic or buffalo horn or similar material to save the crook reverting back to a straight stick .
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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    I have a roe walking stick which looks lovely.

    Unfortunately I never use it as it is the most uncomfortable bloody thing to hold, the spikes constantly snag on zips, bino strap, ears, eyes etc.
    Spot on!

    I made a mono shooting stick out of a lovely piece of hazel topped with a very impressive roe antler - looks superb but totally impractical and, as you say, better than a harpoon for sticking things with. Try a piece of fallow or red antler that can be smoothed if required but still look good.
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    Roe antlers don't generally have enough diameter to make a viable (or comfortable!) stick Tom, especially East anglian ones which aren't known for spectacular quality heads! Might look nice for show, but not very practical for general use. Better of with a piece from a Red or Sika.

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    Scroll down the page in the link below and get 151 epoxy resin for securing the screwed rod in place.
    Works a treat!!

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    Roe foreleg can make a nice handle bend it and fix in position till it sets, air dried they last a few years though the hair usually falls out eventually, would last longer
    if knew someway of curing the skin, but I don't know how as unlike a skin you don't have access to flesh side, if you know what I mean.

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