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Thread: Zeiss conquest 6.5x20x50 scope. zplex retical

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    Zeiss conquest 6.5x20x50 scope. zplex retical

    As above im selling my Zeiss scope because I haven't a rifle to put it on.
    This was kept to go on my 6mm rifle once I filled the slot. But im not going to do that any time soon.

    So looking for 575 posted to your door by rmsd. Or can be picked up for 570 from my place in worcester.

    The scope is in very good condition. Apart from a slight scratch on the front scope tube. Its not that bad. You can't really see it once mounts are on there.

    The scope has the zplex reticial which is perfect for vermin/.fox/ target work. It also has target turrets. Very good under lamp. Imo these are the best all round scope you can buy. With out spending over 1000 pound on something.

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    Jay is it a 30mm tube?

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    all the conquests are 25mm mate
    7mm-08 of course!

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    Not all Conquests are 25,4mm, model Conquest 3-12x56 is 30mm.

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    yes lads 25 mm tube. the scope is lovely and light. and optics are superb day or night. i did have it on my 17 fireball but when i sold that and got a light varmint weight 17 rem i got a smaller version zeiss conquest 4.5x14x50 as that has more then enough mag. its also abit shorter overall so keeps my rem more compact.

    ive been doing a fair bit of fishing lately and need the dosh for tackle. so no point keeping this scope just to sit on the side in my room

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    pictures now added. as you see the mark on scope body is tiny.

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    has it a iluminated retical?

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    no it doesnt mate

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    where abouts in worcester are you ?,is it poss to come up and have a look.

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