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Thread: GWP puppies for sale

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    GWP puppies for sale

    Hi all, my GWP bitch whelped a litter of eight pups yesterday, I only have homes for five of them, so the other three will need to be sold. She's had five dogs and three bitches, I've got homes for four dogs and one bitch, so there'll be two bitches and a dog spare.

    Please pm me for details.

    Cheers, Craig.

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    Hi Craig,

    We would love to have a bitch puppy, some questions please. I'm Dutch so sorry about my poor English.
    Are the parents of the pup working dogs, what about their hips etc. What are the names of dad and mum, are they registered?
    We have a GWP who is 3 years old and wish another one, so are familiar with the breed. We live at the outer hebrides so dog will get a great life
    When will you let them go, where do you live. How much is a pup?

    Kind regards,
    Suzan Visser

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    No bitches left peeps. Sorry!

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    do you any pups left ??

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