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Thread: Nikko Sterling Targetmaster review

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    Nikko Sterling Targetmaster review

    anyone own/shot one of these, with IR? thinking of it for a .223 for some varminting and a bit of fun at 250-500 yds on paper too. any reviews?

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    Scopes don't shoot mate the rifle does

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    and here I was hoping the reply was constructive LOL..

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    I'm interested in this scope too as I've been looking for a ballistic turret scope for the .22lr for a while.

    What reviews I've managed to find have been quite positive and at about 210 from Uttings it seems a reasonable buy.
    I would rather the money went into better glass than an illuminated reticle though.

    I'd prefer to get hold of a ballistic turret for the Bushnell Banner scope but I have had no reply from Bushnell uk to an email I sent on that score .

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    and here I was hoping the reply was constructive LOL..
    Sorry mate I couldn't resist it,atb swarovski

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    I am not a turret twiddler and prefer hold over, especially on live targets.
    far too slow to estimate distance, calculate MOA, adjust dial, refocus, re-aquire target, fire.....

    most calibres/cartridge formats drop around 6" at 300 on a 200yd zero (1" above the bull at 100yds)
    even the fastest, "flattest" calibres out there only shave less than an inch or so of these general figures)

    even shooting foxes at 250 yds side on aiming at the spine will put it smack in the middle of the chest. thats a quick holdover for most.

    I would prefer a flash dot IR scope, all the full reticule IR scopes I have are too bright even on the lower setting and almost leave me snow blind!

    if it is for 300yd plus target work then twiddling turrets seems a perfectly sensible past time.
    What I dont get is scopes that have a ballistic reticule for holdover points AND a target turret with exposed graduations.
    Surely one is counter intuitive to the other?

    I have a varmint reticuled VX3 Leupold (perfect for your application BTW, its on eBay as we speak!) and I can count on one hand how many times i used the holdover points.
    too much variation in magnification vs. holdover value vs. range to calculate quickly when shooting live and potentially moving quarry.
    fine for the range, fixed distance, fixed mag and known target size. in practice though a simple reticule is more useful to me

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    Just a heads up about side focus scopes. Have just been talking to Actionoptics about scope repair on an old Zeiss Jena ZF6 scope which of course has the focus on a turret on top of the scope and side focus came up. It seems they are seen as non serviceable/repairable so if it goes wrong then basically it's a scrap scope. Actionoptics will no longer even look at them as it's just a waste of his time as they are basically glued together and do not come apart.

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    I am a turret man,only use on extreme shots usually,easier to take a shorter shot at a sensible range.

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