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Thread: Quad trailer

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    Quad trailer

    Looking for a serviceable quad trailer - does anyone have a sensibly-priced one available?

    I'm based in the north of Scotland but will be down in the Central Belt over the weekend.

    Drop me a PM if you might be able to help me out.

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    Are you looking for a trailer to put a quad onto or a trailer to be pulled by a quad?
    ​" How Much !"

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    Sorry, missed that question!

    I am looking for a trailer to put a quad on to and trail behind the van, preferably with a tailgate ramp, 6x4 or 8x4, ideally the larger size as it would be handy to be able to load a couple of reds in there too.

    (although having said that I might also be interested in a trailer with floating tyres I can use on the hill)

    Still looking, cash waiting for the right trailer.

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