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Thread: Now I've done it! 7mm 08

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    Now I've done it! 7mm 08

    Well, I finally made a decision on what stalking rifle to buy and was just waiting for the right (cheap) rifle to come up for sale. It happened yesterday, I looked on the internet and a battered Browning Medallion in 7mm08 with S&B 6x42 with swing off mounts came up for 450! So I put my trousers on(luckily) and drove to the shop to have a look and put a deposit on it(pending FAC return). I dont like the shiny varnish at all and it's full of knocks and scratches but for the money I didn't think I could go too wrong, providing it shoots straight but I suppose that's the risk you take with a used rifle.

    Needless to say I'm a bit excited, but have I picked the right caliber

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    New gun

    Hello mate

    well done on the new (to you) gun.

    Thats the calibre I asked for on my fac but they only let me have a 243 to start with. There is a great range of bullets for it - up to about 175g for boar etc - you've picked right in my humble opinion.

    My gun was bought sight unseen, second hand - and im really pleased with it, shoots fine.

    A bit of paint stripper and some very fine wire wool will get rid of the nasty varnish - and some gun stock oil will make it look a lot better.

    You could go the whole hog and steam the bumps and scratches out, but I wouldn't bother - it'll get a few knocks when you use it.

    You'll have to let us know how it shoots - im still trying different bullets and weights down the range, but its a good way to get to know the gun and practice your shooting - and it really builds confidence.



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    Cant wait to get my hands on it. I suppose all the dents and scratches mean that it's been well used but on the upside that also means it does the job. I'll look forward to tarting it up a bit and making it my own.
    It's ridiculous that your FLO would only let you have a .243 to start with! Part of my thinking is if you get a caliber that'll do everything(not saying 7.08 is the best) from Munties up to Boar then you only need one gun and not a whole armoury rattling around the gun cabinet.

    I got .22lr, .17HMR and .223 on my first application. Am I right in thinking that I can apply for a 1 for 1 variation and swap the .17 for 7.08 and not have to pay? I hope so, even more money saved

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    For that sort of money sounds as if you have a good deal there. Don't worry about the woodwork - strip of the varnish, raise the dents and give it a good oil finish - not difficult just takes time.

    Check the bore - if it looks clean and sharp it probably is OK. But ultimately only shooting will tell. If it is completely shot out, then you should be able to rebarrel it for c500. 7mm-08 looks to me to be a very useful and versitile calibre - flat shooting and easy shooting, and you can shoot just about everything with it worldwide save for dangerous game.

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    Hi Mick

    Im going to be stripping off and retouching an old shotgun's woodwork in the next week or so - i'll let you know how well or badly it goes and hopefully pass on some pointers. If I scrounge a digital camera i'll photograph its progress.

    Ive (amongst many weird jobs) spent a year as an antiques restorer in my youth, and can't see it being too difficult - just take your time, be gentle and only apply a new finish when you are completely happy with the new surface.



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    mickthebrick i think you have chosen right
    just hope it shoots straight for you
    as mentioned you can allways get it rebarrled
    thats what i had to do with mine but all well worth it in the end
    keep us posted regards pete .

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    I dont know what'll be more exciting, waiting for my FAC back or finding out whether it shoots straight
    I hope it does, then like you say I can get on with stripping it, raising the dents and oiling it so it looks like new. Let me know how your shotgun goes Daemo so I know what NOT to do

    It's a bit sad but I'm looking forward to using a rifle that isn't screwcut and moderated. They are definately more "pointable", though the A Bolt is a very light rifle so I may change my mind.

    I'm sending the paperwork in tomorrow so hopefully it wont be too long before I get my FAC back. Everyone I've spoken to doesn't think I'll have any trouble getting the variation(which is always a concern). Other than take my DSC1 what more can I say, other than I've been stalking with "XY&Z" on land which they manage and I've got a Roe head in my back yard from one of the ones I shot myself! I'm a member of a shooting range aswell and insured by BASC.

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    You've hit the nail on the head there mate - tips on what NOT to do!

    I have faith, maybe misguided, but faith none the less.


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    mick is yhis your first stalking rifle or are you just upgrading
    from another caliber

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    It'll be my first stalking rifle, my .223 states fox and vermin. Whether It's worth asking them to add small deer to it I dont know. Having seen what a fast, light, approx 80grn .243 does to a roe I dont think there'll be much less damage from a 55grn .223. I'd like to find out though

    I'm thinking of taking the .17Hmr off my ticket and replacing it with the 7.08 but I dont know if they'll do that. I should really phone them up when I get time(and remember to do it).

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