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Thread: Expanding ammo condition

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    Expanding ammo condition

    Just noticed that my new certificate does not have the specific condition for expanding ammo that my old one had under the additional conditions section. My mate has just had his new certificate through from the same police force and his does have it, my local RFD isn't bothered about it and has already sold me loads of C/F and R/F ammo. So am I in possession of this ammo illegally without this specific condition - Paul

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    If you read the legislation it states you must have the condition on your FAC for the exemption to apply.

    Back to your FLD poste haste methinks!

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    My ticket has just come back after variation and expanding ammunition is in the conditions. Got to be worth a phone call to firearms. Have you got a 17 where there is only expanding ammo?

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    Probably just a typo and clerical error, common and they're only human.
    When I moved to Aberdeenshire a clerical error on my SGC had a .410 as a 12-bore, they re-typed it as I waited in reception.

    Yes you should definitely get it changed. I would also suggest a bit naughty of your RFD if hew is issuing you expanding, and if you get caught, he would likely get a reprimand too.

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    Thanks for your replies, looks like a call to licensing department. Strangely when my mate got his new FAC for a 17hmr he had the condition but the space for his ammo allowance was blank so his is going back as well.
    Looks like someone in DP firearms department needs to check their work more carefully.

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