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Thread: Herefordshire rut 2012 so far.......

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    Herefordshire rut 2012 so far.......

    A couple of weeks ago I had a text from one farmer saying he saw a couple of roe heading into a new orchard from his rape field when he was spraying it. So headed up after work and into a high seat we have in one corner, the only trouble with the position is that it backs onto the wood that they tend to come out from and we have had them at he bottom of the seat before now. It's the only position that allows safe shooting.
    Got settled in and waiting for the area to settle a little. Out with the buttalo for a few calls, nothing showing so waited and then carried on. nothing. So got out the Weisskirchen call and gave it a go. It's a good call if a little loud so can be heard a long way off.
    Waited again as there is a long stretch of wood behind and also the rape field to my left on the other side of the wood.
    Was looking straight ahead and the looked left and a buck had hoped out into the orchard from the wood some 40m to my left. there is about a 10m gap before the trees start but did he stop in this did he heck as like, straight into the first row. No these trees are strung to a tentioning wire which is about the same height as a roes back, it was a waiting game for him to stop and present a shot.
    At about 45m straight in front by now he stopped and look away presenting a rear neck shot. The 30-06 cracked and he was down. next thing a text from the farmer saying was that you. Yep one down. happy farmer one less to damage new trees. They have not heard of deer gaurds up here yet just 18" rabbit gaurds.

    48lbs head and feet off.

    He was well larded up ready for the rut

    Between this outing and the next I had an invite down with Willie-Gunn (which will be another write up-sorry for the delay Dom).

    I have got a small permission of 2 fields which are on one side of the road from fallow central of north Herefordshire, we only see the deer in these fields around this time of year when the wheat or rape is high enough and they tend to bed down in it. The farmer had been up and I new they had been around (the fallow) they had caused a lot of damage by walking through the wheat and laying up in it. Large flat areas and tracks leading out of them.
    So myself and Bandit Country headed over one evening and my other mate was going to the next farm as we fox on that and the landowner had seen a parcel of bucks in his wheta when they were cutting it.
    Hopefully 3 guns out to cover the ground.
    We (myself and BC) headed down the hedge line of 'our' field and found traces of browsing and thrashing from roe, so we got set up about 60m away from one corner as the field doglegs as it goes down. BC was on the sticks and I had the camera ready. Forgot the buttalo so used the Weisskirchen roe call. gave it a few goes but nothing. Waited and waited. Then I heard a cock pheasent over the boundary,which is nothing unusual. Then about ten mins later a buck came charging up a tram line about 60m out and 80m to our left from behind the dog leg. He headed straight up towards a big oak. gave a loud blast on the call and stopped him in his tracks. Then BC picked him up and fired. He ran around 10m into the wheat. Gave hima few mins and went to find him. Shor site plenty of blood and found him no probs tucked up into some flattened wheat.
    A nice little 5 pointer that went 37.5lb larder weight.

    Got him sorted and took him back to the truck and then off along the road hedge to over look the rest of the 40acre field.
    Plan was for BC to wait on one brow with the hedge to his rear and I was going to carry along about 100m and cover the other end with safe arcs of fir established.
    We spotted a fallow doe and fawn which came up the tram line towards us and then headed along the hedge.
    As we were waiting BC got my attention and beckoned me over. 6 fallow bucks ranging in age got up from the middle of the field and were headed to a spinney in the middle of the field. They just mouched along toward sthe far side. No it was a game of cat and mouse backwards and forwards, they could not make us out as we had the hedge behind us and the light was just starting to go. Then they turned and heaede up one tramline about 130m away but coming up the hill towards us. The buck got to about 50m and I was just on the sticks and the bugger spotted us and back down to his mates. Then they went right but one stopped in a tram line so I took a high neck shot at about 60-70m. i didn't see the reaction but saw the others run off. BC said he went down but you always have that nagging doubt.
    Gave him a few mins and went down the tram line to get him. Sadly he turned as i fired and took out the front of his throat so a follow up shot was required. Welfare over 'trophy' so he was 'tapped' behind his head.
    Now the hard work as he weas a lot bigger than expected.
    BC went and got the truck to get the drag 'bag' and harness. Bloody hell didn't he make us sweat. Sorted him out and a call to a farm up the road who has a large cold room for their farm shop, as he wouldn't fit in my chiller

    Sorry about the photo quality

    He went 56kg. Head and feet off and skinned as he was in a meat cold room. 123lbs jacke-less

    He had been feeding well on the land owners wheat, also he had the carcus as he was going to slaughter a bullock so he is now having venison instead

    A good layer of fat

    A good night out!!!!!!!!


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    Well done Jonathon, that's a cracking looking Fallow, I am green with envy. Catch up soon

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    Well done jonathon that 30.06 seems to be geting plenty of use
    Hopefuly catch up with you one day
    atb jon

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    Nice write up Jonathon. That is one fat covered fallow!!



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    Well done enjoyed the write up and photo's thanks for sharing, DF

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    Them Fallow are big lads! Good account.

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    nice one mate good write up regards pete

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    Quote Originally Posted by 243varmint View Post
    Bloody hell didn't he make us sweat. Sorted him out and a call to a farm up the road who has a large cold room for their farm shop, as he wouldn't fit in my chiller
    ......well you'll just have to get a bigger chiller mate!!!.

    Good result.
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

    "...Nicely just doesn't cut the cheese....." A new twist on management-speak courtesy of a colleague.

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    Thanks for all thr replies guys.

    Rick O Shea, next time your up with Wayne let me know and we can go for a beer.

    Merlin, Not as big as for a moose

    Cheers Jonathon

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