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    which scope

    hi, i will be in the market for anew scope, this will be going on a 22/250 and will be mostly used with a lamp for foxing. so what make, model and size are you lot useing. any advice will be taken on board and will help me make my mind up.
    cheers stav
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    Zeiss 6.5-20x 50. fab kit. Should pick one up for 550 ish s/h. Oh look, I'm selling one , only because it doesn't work well with nightvision. but a fantastic scope for day or lamping. Killing me to sell it but I just do so much night work I am going down to a cheepo Hawke. Grrr
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    i have a 3/12x50 zeiss on 223 for lamping very good

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    I have used a Swarovski 6-24x50 on my Ruger No1V for the last,um,long time anyway,7+years. Great scope,excellent clarity. I had an issue with the zero wandering some years ago and sent it off to Swarovski UK. It came back fixed perfectly.
    So thumbs up for their after sales service.I used a Kahles 3-12x50 in the interim. I would recommend those scopes also.
    My 2 cents.

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    zeiss duralyt fantastic vision in low light if you turn the mag down to around 7

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    A scope with 12x is more than enough for lamping. However, if you want to have long range fun in daylight, 16 - 20x with turrets is nice. You can have great crack whacking plates at long range with the 22/250.

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    For foxing I use a Swarovski PVI 6-24X50 on my .22-250 Tikka T3. Its fitted with a TDS-4l reticle illuminated using the BE4 digital illumination unit (centre red dot). I've head shot fox out to a measured 187 yards at night & chest shot much farther & can truly say it's one of the best scopes I've ever used save for my mate Richards new Z6i 2.5-15X56 which has an amazing light gathering capability.


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    Swarovski 8x56.


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