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Thread: Just dug another hole in the garden

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    Just dug another hole in the garden

    My 13 year old black lab Jasmin has struggled to stand up the last 3 days and me and sue have decided the quality of her life is now poor.
    So this evening I will be filling in the hole I have just dug and another one of my best mates will join the others in the part of the garden where all the graves are.
    Not a bad time for it really its a year tomorrow since I lost dad and have to go see mum and visit his grave tomorrow, so jazz will be over shadowed by other events.
    RIP jasmin.

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    Really sorry for your loss, never gets any easier does it ATB U71

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    The paw prints they leave go very deep .................................... I feel your loss.

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    you have my sympathys

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    Their lives are just too short.

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    I have my buddy Rupert 10 year old collie. Now he's getting old all of a sudden. I know he's not on his way out Yet. But he will leave me at some stage. He has been with me to work or play since he was six weeks old. I don't know how I will cope when he goes.
    It must be a huge part of your life gone. I feel for you.

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    Put my lab to rest 4 weeks past and I am still unlocking the kennel and getting the food ready for her ,still she went before she suffered and I have good memories of the old goat she was a pain ! Can't face a pup right now as we are far too busy but something will come along and adopt me no doubt ,keep smiling John grown men don't cry ... Well only when they loose thier dogs I know I had terrible hay fever that day ,that's what I told the wife anyhow .

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    Never easy, never gets any easier - but that only reflect on what a great companion they are in the time they have.
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    Sorry John i feel for you mate, i also have a 13 year old best buddy that has all of a sudden slowed right down im dreading the day also. df

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    My thoughts are with you and your wife John.


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