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Thread: Sportsman channel just left for home.

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    Sportsman channel just left for home.

    Well i have 3 days off now to rest up, for the past 2 weeks i have been mixing stalking and fishing with clients, sometimes 2 stalks and fishing in the same day, i am knackered!
    But the last 6 days have been very interesting, i have been filmed guiding an American Hunter for a program called North American Whitetail Deer, the film was intended to show the roe rut and stalk of a roe buck.
    The guy is actually known as Dr Deer in the US, and he is a VERY knowledgeable guy.
    It was a learning curve for me i have to admit, its difficult as it is to stalk with 2 guys, but 3 in total, its almost impossible, but not quite!
    What i didnt appreciate was the actual filming, we missed the best part of dawn as we had to wait for 30 mins and at the end of the day also finished 30 mins early as the camera just showed grainy footage.
    If i ever decide to go down the filming route i know exactly how to make it an interesting film.
    But the calling went well, and without giving too much away the stalks went very well, but waiting in ambush didn't, which is actually opposite to how i thought it would pan out.
    The week ended last night with me cooking (and being filmed!) them loin of venison in a red wine and redcurrant sauce, out for a quick final stalk and then up the pub to celebrate.
    Once the show is aired i will post up lots of pics but for now here are the guys waiting for the deer to appear.

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    I myself had no idea what was involved till the cameras folled me around....take and re-take.
    stuff shot the following day spliced in.
    about 12 hours of film for 12 minutes....
    had to turn a film crew down myself this time again as they wanted rut footage, bt i was fully booked out.
    they hope to get in next year but will haave to be quick.
    pleased they didn't come as my rut was slow if barely moving.
    though i called in dozens of does.
    When it gets aired ignore the hecklers it will attract and just get on with it. Its all good publicity.

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    Good luck to you DDS.

    Hopefully everybody was happy with the outcome... A brave undertaking indeed for the Roe Rut !!!

    All the best.


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    Quote Originally Posted by www.yorkshireroestalking. View Post
    When it gets aired ignore the hecklers it will attract and just get on with it. Its all good publicity.
    Thanks for the advice, taken on board, and the publicity will out weigh the hecklers i am sure.
    As the guy has updated his own website with a picture i can post this one now.
    It worked out really well with the call and he was really wound up, came charging out of the woods thrashing the rag wort weeds to death, when he shot him the camera caught a glimpse of another roe just behind him that we hadn't seen.


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    Will the be any chance,we will be able to watch the program ?
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miffy View Post
    Will the be any chance,we will be able to watch the program ?
    At this moment in time i don't think it is available, but on their website it does state available via satellite.
    They will be sending me a dvd when it has all be edited and ready for broadcast.

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    I finally got to see it, its total crap the camera adds 10lb, it added 50lb in my case!
    Just glad i got a lot fitter when i went over to visit Montana last November.
    The funny thing is my mother-ln-law was itching to see it, so i showed her yesterday, along with the father-in-law and my wife.
    There was lots of leg pulling until the kill shot, then an awkward silence (which is what i expected, although i did warn her) 'oh what a shame she said, such a pretty deer', but before i could draw breath my wife jumped to my defense, 'what do you mean mother? the deer need to be controlled, we have just eaten beef, where do you think that came from?' wow, what a put down, she was lost for words, funny thing is my wife was the same mindset when i met her 28 years ago, i think she has a good grasp of what we do now and why we do it, not sure about her mother though!

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