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Thread: Range Finder

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    Range Finder

    Hi All, can anyone recommend a small but compact range finder, any reviews most welcome

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    I used to have a leica lrf800 which was good and had an illuminated readout, but i changed that for a swarovski laser guide and its a brilliant bit of kit! Bright and very accurate out to 1600yds iirc - there is 1 cheap in the sales section too!!

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    I have a bushnell - I think it is a Scout and claims to range out to 1000 yards or similar.

    Anyhow, I've ranged large white walls at over 800 yards, I've no idea what it would take for it to range at 1000 yards. I'd guess it would be reasonable to say that in everyday use it might be useful and reliable out to 400 yards or so and I've never actually needed to range anywhere near that distance except for my own entertainment. I think it offers 5X magnification and the optics in it are not great in low light. On the other hand I've never needed to range any great distance in low light so although this seems like a down side it is never something that has been a problem in practical use.

    It wasn't overly expensive and 2nd hand ones sell on ebay for what I paid for it so I figure if it ever outlives its usefulness I can always sell it. If I was serious about ranging stuff at distance or in the dark I'd look at the big name/big money brands but for practical deer stalking the Bushnell does everything I've ever needed.

    It comes in a little case and I hang it on one of my belt loops and forget about it so the size hasn't been a problem for me but I think that some are a little smaller if size is a factor for you.

    Hope that helps.
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    have tried my mates leupold, there very clear, tried a deben tonight on way home, that was quite good as well for about 150, will check out the bushnell one later this week, dont want to spend massive amounts as i work full time so stalking gets fitted in when i have the time, thanks for the great review

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    I have one of these
    Tasco Hunting & Golf 400 Laser Rangefinder 8 - 700 Metres With Carry Case

    Bought on line from

    Light, accurate, under 100 and the turn round from order to delivery was amazingly quick

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    sounds like a bargain bit of kit, will check out his website later, thanks for the info

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    I have a Leupold RX-1000i TBR, small compact and easy to use. Once setup will also show you in either MOA, Inches or Mil how much to Hold over or under for shots!! (or adjust the scope) - also has the TBR feature (True ballistic range) which will work out the angle of the shot and give you a true range of the shot.


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    thanks mike, just been looking at those on uttings website look a very neat package, hope you are well, Dean

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deanandrew64 View Post
    thanks mike, just been looking at those on uttings website look a very neat package, hope you are well, Dean
    I see you have the bug after trying my Leupold RX 1000i TBR. There are cheaper options as there are scopes but if you are going to Stalk for many years to come buy the best you can afford. As they say you gets whatya pays for. Not that i am in any way knocking other brands.

    It was a lovely Charlie we saw last night hope to get him/her next time.


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    + 1 on jimbos thread buy the best you can afford , i bought a swarvoski one off moses on here and its superb ,save a bit more and buy quality

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