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Thread: Hello to you all

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    Hello to you all

    Well, from the beginning eh, worked at Garry Gualach estate for Capt E.F.Grey on and of for many years, holidays from whatever job in so called " civilization " I had were taken during the stag season where Whinny my steady but slooooow highland pony would be patient and trusting with me for several weeks, no fancy argo's there in those days, and if I wasn't too terribly taken with the job I would often stay for the hinds, that was me, oh to be young again ! Progressed on to taking guests to the hill after a few years because the Captain thought I was " not to bad for a towny " I was brought up in Kinlochleven in the midst of the Mamore deer forest but the village had several houses which was why I was branded a virtual urbanite, if a good stalker was merited and judged by his results alone then I was pretty dammed good, but i wouldn't have the temerity to call myself a proper hillman, which is what I strived to attain and in only a small way, gained. As we all know there is so much more involved in being a professional stalker than having good field craft and the ability to put a .270 through the bullseye at 200 yrds, there is always more to learn, always...

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    AltAllan welcome.

    Your post, hands down, gets my vote for Intro of the year!

    It bears reading and re-reading and says more about 'stalking' in one paragraph than most books ever achieve.
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    Welcome, like the introduction

    Maybe you remember a couple of clients of mine[long since disappeared of the radar] they also stalked on Garry Gualach

    An Eric Linley and a Derek Males

    Also a Richard Dunkerley who I believed stalked there a couple of times.

    These guys were more likely to come for Hinds, though Eric may have had a few days at Stags

    They would have been stalking there for several years around the mid 80s
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    Welcome to the site,

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    Hello there bo err i'll just say hello I think, the mid 80's seem a long time ago, if I had the old game book in front of me then these chaps names would possibly stir memories of faces, we had lots of folk for the hinds and to be very honest a lot of these chaps dont stick in my mind, I'll have a chat with my former colleague and see if he remembers, I will say though that Eric Linley's name rings a bell, will get back to you asap.

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    Welcome to the site, cut my teeth on reds in the highlands over 30 years ago and still stalking them, although my knees are not what they used to be. In fact they never were that good. Wonderful part of the world you live in, will be up again in a few weeks time for the rut.
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    HI and welcome to sd all the very best. / burn/stream/allan

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    You got it, was the name of a burn on GG estate, so named after a chap who tried crossing it while it was in spate, found him in the loch the next day which is about 5 miles down the hill, believe this was in the 19th century.

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