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Thread: 3 Bucks for my German mate, and the one that got away.....

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    Cool 3 Bucks for my German mate, and the one that got away.....

    Never done a write up before but thought I would share an enjoyable week with a twist that I had with Armin who is a good friend from Germany. I will add some photos when I get the chance to go near the computer!!

    Whilst in Germany after boar at the beginning of the year at Armin's place I was invited amongst other offers to go back to Austria for Chamios (this will have to wait till next year unfortunately). I said that I would only go on the proviso that he came for a bit of Buck stalking for a few days if he could fit it in.

    Due to unfortunate work commitments I could only have him across in late May as opposed to July which would have been better for both of us, although the advantage of cover being quite low did work in our favour.

    Arrangements were made and he was collected from Aberdeen airport at which point he informed me that he was just back from a week in Poland where he had taken 5 bucks - no pressure then!!! After a check zero session we got our heads down for an early start.

    The first day we did a bit of stalking the hill with a mate of mine and got in on a nice buck which managed to give us the slip, we were literally moving from one side of a mound to get a shot and the buck would move to the other side out of view and then he was gone.

    We went a bit further and spotted another buck and had a wee stalk and got into a position to get a shot at which point the buck started capering with a doe and they chased each other along a line of butts and into the distance.

    We started heading back with me thinking that was the morning when another buck was spotted. After a crawl of about 50 meters we had one in the bag. I had to admit I was chuffed as the pressure was off - well he got one anyway, only four to go!!

    We went out that evening onto one of my bits of ground and saw seven does and then a cracking looking buck I knew was in that area, unfortunately he was over the boundary 100m away. Armin's face was a picture when I told him we would have to wait to see if he'd come over the dyke. We waited but after a while moved away with the seed set.

    We then spotted another smallish buck as the light was fading and got the sticks up but he was spooked and that was that.

    The following morning we went to see another lad I know with the weather playing up with mist but luckily it lifted long enough and got Armin a nice six pointer. We raked around for a bit longer but the mist had come down again and that was that.

    That evening we returned to look for the boy we had seen but with no joy although we saw a heap of does - they're gonna get a hard time this winter I think!!

    The next morning we were out to another bit of ground and got really close to a six pointer who was walking slowly up a hill in the wood, sticks were set and we waited for him to stop. Typically the clear shot was not for presenting itself and eventually Armin took the rifle from the sticks and said he wasn't confident of a clear shot and not to worry about it or "das ist de jagd" as they say (probably mis spelt by me) in Germany.

    That evening I had arranged another stalk on the hill and following a nice wee crawl up a burn and through the heather another six pointer was in the bag.

    We then had a day of two stalks but saw nothing but does, lots of them but does none the less.

    The following morning we were out bright and breezy and got in on a buck which Armin missed, I was surprised but these things happen and better a miss than chasing a badly hit animal round the hill.

    That evening we had a night off for a BBQ as the weather was tremendous, nae sure what happened after that week??!!

    The following morning we went for another look for the elusive buck and saw him in the same place as previous and clearly not wanting to move.

    Due to Armins flight we called it a day at that and got the boiler going for the three bucks he had got.

    I was really disappointed he didn't get the big fella but he assured me he was delighted and had enjoyed himself. He said the varied stalking had made the trip and invites were given to a couple of my mates for a trip to him.

    Anyway after he left I got the bit between the teeth, between work getting in the way, and was determined to get the buck we had seen. Several trips, several sightings but no shot. I was beginning to think he would get taken out by a Michelin radial as the ground is quite close to a road.

    Anyway on Monday night I decided to go for a look. It was quite windy but unusually still in the wood. Turned out that I was in the right place at the right time, he wasn't and I saw him chasing a doe. A squeak on the buttalo and he came in like a steam train!!

    With little time to muck about the sticks were up and the shot released. Bang on target the boy dropped like a stone. To say I was chuffed was an understatement.

    Anyway I sent Armin a picture of 'his buck' which is currently weighing 405 grams although I think it will lose a wee bit when it's fully dry. Hope not to much though because if it doesn't it will be my first potential medal .

    Anyway after the invite given to us when Armin was across I'm away in October with one of my mates to hopefully rattle his first boar , sure there will be time for a beer or three also!!

    Hopefully Armin will get across again next year for another crack although we might be paying Solwaystalker a visit as he's decided he wants to go after a 'billy'.

    Sorry for the long winded write up and hope your nae all too bored!

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    great writeup, atb wayne
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    Good write up, look forward to some pics!
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Great write up!
    Thats what the swap hunts are all about: The fun and joy of sharing a hunt, some nice outings, some successfull stalkings!!
    for us from Germany, especially the stalking is something really enjoyable.
    keep going and good luck on the boars.... Its going to be a cracking season for them here in Germany!
    Greetings from the sunny and hot (35*C) Germany


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    I enjoyed the write up.
    Where do you go in Germany as I too have a German chum and for the last 17 years he comes over to me here in Aberdeen shire to fish and stalk and I visit him in Germany for the December Moon and shoot boar. His shoot is on the banks of the Mozel about 20Km upstram from Koblenz.

    Are you going to Locter on 5th September for the BDS Countryside Alliance meet?


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    Hi Donsider,

    My friends stay just west of Mannheim (south of Frankfurt) near Bad Durkheim, I met the first one through a mutual friend about eight years ago. Luckily for them they are both retired, shame I'm not, work always seems to get in the way of pleasure!!

    Mosel/Koblenz is a nice bit of the country, I used to fly into Hahn until Lufthansa started flying from Aberdeen to Frankfurt making logistics easier.

    Fully intending on going to Lochter on the 5th providing there's no issues as my dogs in pup about then. One of the German lads is due across mid September for a visit and wanting to shoot some woodies so I'll have to put the feelers out to see what's kicking about.

    Drop me a PM nearer thr time, it would be nice to put a face to a name. Used to stay in Meldrum so we could always pop into 'Jock's' for a drink after !!

    Regards Mick

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