This is a 1 day shoot.
upto 15 guns (4 left)
we fly out from luton on the 24th oct stay overnight near paris.
get picked up the following morning and have breakfast, then shoot till dinner time, have a posh dinner then shoot some more drives.
count up have the photos and a drink then back to the airport to fly back to luton.
If you want a driven hunt (parc) and be back in just over a day, be looked after like kings and shoot pigs then this is the trip for you.
Cost (at presant)£1060 inc flights, only beer and evening meal in hotel not included in price.
This is a nice venue and not massively commercial so is a sustainable venue.
It is walled not fenced so is deffo less offensive.
No trophy fees on boar, deer may also be shot but are not included on our package.
The clock is ticking and flights may go up soon.