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Thread: Gutting - Deben TriStar failure

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    Gutting - Deben TriStar failure

    after all my assertions of how good this thing was is has died on me.

    two design flaws affect this light
    1) the mount system shines the light a little too low at times, especially when shooting out past 100yds
    2) the port that the switch and power cable enter the light is basically...a hole

    the 3rd design flaw is the *******s made it impenetrable to all except those with x-ray eyes!!

    I can see the switch wire has snapped inside the hole. presumably made from crap brittle copper and leaving it unsupported!
    highly unlikely to be under warranty
    looks impossible to strip without damage or surgery

    great, another paperweight!

    has anyone stripped or opened one of these successfully?
    my last straw is to give it a new wire port with a dremmel and resolder all the junctions and support them as they should have been from the bloody factory at 90 a pop

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    forget that they are GLUED together!!

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    Just return it to Deben's service dept with a covering letter.

    Mark it for the attention of Heidi, and it should be sorted for you within the week.

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    minimum 35 charge plus 2 way postage on a product that I paid 50 for second hand


    speak to the nice people at Deben and they send you out a new front housing for free (for when I destroy the glued in one to get to the wires!).
    sent today apparently

    will be improving on their design when it arrives......and not using glue to hold it together!

    what nice chaps!!

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    Good result that.
    And handy to remember when mine goes tits up.!

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    We can rebuild you.....

    The offending item, at present an expensive paperweight:

    new front case section. Huge shout out to Paul @ Deben and his boss who sanctioned the free next day delivery of item

    Light housing pushed back in (I thought a neat design feature, apparently they are not meant to slide!)

    Surgery begins, cut casing without cutting unseen bits......patience is not a virtue I have

    Deshelled like a prawn:

    The issue. plain core snapped at juntion with PCB:

    New extended section soldered and heat shrinked:


    New heavier duty cable tie fixed further outboard of PCB creating a "stop" at case hole and screwed into chassis through PCB (not going anywhere now:

    I refuse to glue the case together so drilled an access hole in the base and self tapped it in place. its snug enough to be as close to waterproof as I need:

    all back together with new cable strap to pull cable away from the scope turret:

    Thank you Deben. (now do it properly before they leave the factory next time.......!)

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    Nice job mate! Looks like you wont have any more wiring probs!
    "Smoke me a kipper - i'll be back for breakfast"

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